NAS, remote access, and Media Server?

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OK, so here is what I want to do and I need help about how to set it up.

1) I want to buy a NAS server to serve up all my media files and serve as a central repository in my home network. This way, my devices such as a set-top player can access the files over the network. Also, all computers on the network should be able to "mount" the NAS to be like a regular drive - so that iTunes "points" to the network drive and so forth. This seems simple enough and the way most NAS's work out the box.

I will have the NAS directly plugged into my Airport Extreme base station via ethernet.

2) In ADDITION to home-network support, I want to be able to remotely access my NAS. I'm not talking a crappy way like how WD makes you go to their proprietary web-page. I'm talking about a way where my files are served up, and I can access them, and "mount" a network drive on my laptop when I am not at home. For example, I would hit "apple + K" in OSX, and "connect to server," and direct my mac to my server - all remotely.

This should be done using only the NAS. I want my Macs to be able to be turned off if I wanted to, with only the NAS on - and still have access to my files.

Thus, this would replace iDisk. I want to smoothness of an iDisk using a NAS.

Suggestions on hardware (brand and model of NAS)? Suggestions on setup?




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    Basic concepts. Here I'm explaining how FMS organises applications and instances and how this relates to rtmp connection strings.


    ip pbx
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