Any One Know what i should do

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Here is what I am going throught right now.

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I am emailing you in order to let you know what I am seeing, in the eyes of a customer. I have been working with your customer service team for the last three weeks with a lot of frustration.

I have been loyal to Apple in regards to your products which I enjoy using. I have spent countless dollars on iTunes and really hope people aren't treated with some of the disregard that I have been treat with.

I bought my iPhone on February 12, 2009, it didn't leave my hands for about a week, I really enjoy the phone. Within a month I noticed dead pixels on the right bottom portion of the phone. I made and appointment and took a trip down to the Apple Genius Bar. The representatives were awesome to deal with. They gave me another phone, that phone worked perfectly fine until the battery quit charging. Again, thinking it was a fluke, I make an appointment to go to the Genius Bar, again they give me a new phone which is now the one i use. About three to four weeks ago I noticed a dead pixels, the next day it turned into a row of dead pixels. Now I am thinking to myself how can this be a fluke. So now here is where my frustration began.

The first day I call in they tell me I can go to the genius bar and they will help me, one catch, they dont have any openings for 4 days. I called back and they said they would do an advanced replacement. I was also told the process was going to take 3 days.

A day goes by and contacted me via email, it turns out the guy I spoke with (I believe his name was) had taken my number down wrong and she couldnt contact me.

Yet another key deal is I sent her the correct address to be shipped to and he still was shipped to the wrong address.

Here is my latest dilemma. Luckily the package was shipped to mothers house, so I went and picked it up only to find the package was soaked. I opened it to find the phone was ruined

So in this process I was told the reason it was taking so long was because I was going to be getting a iPhone 3GS as a replacement by a lady named Kim. I then go through and was told I was mis informed and that that phone wasnt worth my phone. I then figured out how long its been since my iPhone worked 2 and a half weeks, Not three days.

So now I have talk on the phone with your customer service for rougly 10 hours, been with a broken phone for two and a half weeks, and not to mention the 5 hours I spent at the genius bar getting the first phones replaced.. not to mention the gas it took to get there.

I have made FedEx aware of the situation and need to get something accomplished. If you could help me out in anyway call me at or email me back.

I have documented all of the emails I have received from you and would be more than happy to turn them over to you. I also have numerous pictures of the package before and while it was being opened if you would like those.

Thank You
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