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So a lot of people are worrying because shipping info isn't getting updated etc., me being one of them, I talked to the UPS driver for my area today, who is also the shop steward for UPS in this area, and he let me know that today a memo went out to all UPS drivers / loaders etc., notifying them of a "large shipment on June 19th". UPS is taking this shipment, in his words, "VERY seriously this is a huge test of the companies systems and abilities." I don't think they have ever had a shipment for one company this large before and not only one company but a "release date" they had to hit like this.

Should be interesting, but he told me "if apple told you you were getting it on the 19th as your ship date, that's when you'll get it", if not I'm slashing his tires...every day ... for a month..

So there you go.


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    thanks adam

    now i can sleep tonight
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    adamiigsadamiigs Posts: 355member
    Originally Posted by JustFrozen View Post

    thanks adam

    now i can sleep tonight

    Eh I only chased him down, ok staked out his truck out front, before my phone still says it's in KY :P
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