China Mobile and iPhone 3.0

in iPhone edited January 2014
With the 3.0 update came an interesting change on the mainland China Mobile network.

Before 3.0, unlocked iPhones on the network would display the network identification as "CMNET", how the network identifies itself.

However, now with 3.0, the network identifies itself as the proper name of China mobile, in Chinese characters. I've worked with a few phones in 2.x and they all displayed CMNET, so this display of "中国移动", from what I know, is totally new.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into why this change may occur. I see two possibilities:

1) iPhone now supports network badges/identifications in non-roman characters

2) The icon for China mobile is now part of the iPhone's software package.

Can anyone look into the included network badges to see if ?中国移动? has become part of the package?

If #2 is true, then this would contradict the most recent "rumors" of China Unicom

(MacNN - China Unicom iPhone deal...) being the likely carrier.
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