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I've been visiting AppleInsider.com regularly from my iPhone. But starting today, whenever I visit it redirects me to iphone.appleinsider.com, only this new version doesn't seem to work properly.

You can't scroll down through the headlines, meaning you can only see the first six stories. When you hit "Page Two" it takes you straight to stories from April/March.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


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    ditto that.

    iphone.appleinsider.com is UNUSABLE at the moment.

    You can't scroll down through the headlines, only the first paragraph of a story displays - and then you can't scroll through the rest of the story. And no comments are available on the stories.

    Please. I'd rather see the perfectly acceptable www.appleinsider.com rather than the unusable iphone.appleinsider.com
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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    I always just go to http://forums.appleinsider.com. I never even knew there was a redirection to an iPhone version.
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    jimbo66jimbo66 Posts: 3member
    Maybe it's been up for a while, but for some strange reason It only started redirecting me today.
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    trajectorytrajectory Posts: 647member
    I didn't know an iPhone version of the site even existed. I don't get redirected when viewing the forum on an iPhone.

    I recommended here about a month ago that they create an iPhone friendly version of the forum because it's really hard to read it on an iPhone. That can be done with a simple skin, doesn't need to be a completely different site. Stacking names and info above the message and making the messages narrower in width would make the forum a lot more readable on iPhones. Changing the faint blue links would also be helpful, very hard to see on a tiny screen.
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