How do I make the iTunes main window go back?

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(posted earlier on the Applications forum; I didn't notice this one at the time.)

I've found several webpages on how to MAKE iTunes stay on top of other windows, but I want to do the opposite:

make it go behind another window on which I click. It stays on top and won't go back behind.

Windowshade lets me reduce it to just the title bar, but I'd like the window still open ? and not minimized to the dock.

In the prefs I do find a box to check (or uncheck) for the miniplayer and videos, but nothing for the main window

(unless I'm just duh, overlooking something?not unusual.)

Any pointers? I'm OK with Terminal, if anyone has the magic words there.



iTunes 8.1

OS 10.5.6

IQ sub-par


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    cb50dccb50dc Posts: 6member
    Simply enough, probably it had to do with just having left the MBP running for too many days and some cruft got backed up. It's back to normal. Have a nice day.
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