Iphone 3G-S price

in iPhone edited January 2014
I bought the original Iphone in June 2007, and upgraded to the 3G Iphone when it first came out last July. Today, I went in to an AT&T store to upgrade to the 3G-S. They were sold out (naturally) but the clerk offered to check my "eligibility". Turns out I can upgrade to the 3

G-S anytime between now and the end of this year for only $800. After that I can get it for the advertised $300 price. I asked why I couldn't get it for the lower price now (like I did last year when upgrading to the 3G). He said AT&T needed to keep me on the 3G until December to recoup the subsidy they provided on the purchase of that phone.

Since I expect there will be a [I]fourth[I] generation Iphone available this time next year, I don't anticipate buying the 3-S at all now (sorry Apple, you missed a sale) and if AT&T is still the carrier this time next year my current plans are to switch to some other phone and carrier. Anybody know what the second best phone is -- Blackberry, Android, Pre??

I understand this is AT&T's rule, not Apple's, but I do think Apple has the responsibility to note, in their advertising, that apparently no 3G owner can upgrade at the advertised price.
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