how long until the next rev of MBPs?

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I know Apple just reved the MBPs, and the new models sadden me greatly: hard wired battery and no easy access to RAM and HDD? it is as if Lexus said "we just built a great car, we found it can go 3MPH faster on the autobahn if we weld the hood shut...dealers can open it of course, but it makes it better for you, the driver"

in short, how long before we see a real PRO 15 inch laptop from apple -- card slot, swappable battery and maybe even dare I say it, a matte screen...and if they can get past the bag o hurt, Blue ray burning would be a good option for a pro laptop..

I will be buying a new laptop this fall, I love OSX but this hardware crap makes me consider windows least I can get some GOOD hardware to run it on and not a museum piece...form is great, but we need function in our laptops Apple!


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    tenshitenshi Posts: 11member
    Who knows. I'd love for a new range to come out early next year - only time will tell!

    I'm really itching to buy one, but with my luck they'll probably release an even better model soon afterwards.

    I wouldn't mind the matte screen, I don't care much for the new integrated battery or Blue Ray... I want them to drop the CD Drive!
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    Originally Posted by a_greer View Post

    I know Apple just reved the MBPs, and the new models sadden me greatly: hard wired battery and no easy access to RAM and HDD?

    While I understand that the access to the battery and the hard drive is slightly more difficult on the new MBP as opposed to the old unibody MB or MBP, you seem to be exaggerating the difference.

    Here is a tear-down of the new MBP.

    Supposing that you know how to operate a philips-head screwdriver, you can gain access to the battery (which is not "hard-wired" as you claim, though you will need a special tri-wing screwdriver to remove it), the RAM is also easily accessible (and no more or less difficult as such than it has ever been on any Apple notebooks as far as I can remember), and the hard drive may also be removed by unscrewing a few more philips-head screws.

    It certainly would be better if the new MBPs could have gained 7-hour battery-life while retaining the ability to remove the battery by flipping a latch, but most buyers will not be affected negatively by the change and will appreciate the extra battery-life very much. This, to me, was a good choice by Apple.

    As far as wondering when Apple will go back to batteries that can be removed in seconds without the use of screwdrivers, I would guess 'never.' Though, by that I mean 'not anytime in the next five years.' So go ahead and buy your Windows PC. I hope you find it very, ah, "functional."
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