Windows 7 & external hard drive- will it work after time machine backup?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Went and did the bootcamp thing and installed Windows 7. I tried to connect my WD external via firewire, but it would not show up in Windows.

This is after I did a backup of my mac to time it related and is there a quick fix?



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    Could be something to do with drivers for that external harddisk-over-firewire (we know Microsoft never was a fan of that!) not yet having been installed on your Win7, omelet. Don't forget it is a beta! Many things can go wrong, or "aren't yet implemented". And with Windows that's a sure thing of course.

    Try and find those drivers, install 'm if you can (Win7 may not let you), reboot, and try again, is what I would do.

    I run Win7 too, to 'test' it, but in VMware, and then not usually working with external harddisks.

    Sofar I'm not impressed at all. Haven't found an application yet on Win7 that I would prefer to use over it's counterpart workflow on OSX. And it's slow as molasses. While your native installation ought to run like greased lightning. Does it?

    I don't think your external harddisk not showing up in Win7 should have anything to do with a Time Machine backup unless you are now working from a restored Win7. Restored from/by Time machine.
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