4GB Kingston RAM (KTA) on Alu. MacBook 2.0ghz Successful

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hi all, just reporting the Kingston KTA RAM (2GB x2) DDR3 1066mhz is working fine on my MacBook (not Pro) Aluminium 2.0ghz. No waking from sleep issues, etc.

I know some people including myself have been concerned about this issue that was quite rampant early in the year.

Good luck and hope this info is useful. Will report back if I notice anything weird. Running Parallels WinXP (tempted to run WinVista64bit now) with 1GB allocated. Opening CS4 applications, web browsers etc. Nice performance. Yet to really push this MacBook hard but being able to have the "overhead" to give more RAM to the virtual machine and still have CS4 etc apps open, plus browsers, is... well, feels... goood.
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