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On Tuesday, AT&T released a version of TeleNav specifically for the iPhone 3G S and earlier iPhone models with the OS 3.0 software updates. The app is now available for download from the iTunes app store. Check it out at: Does anybody have this software yet with their iPhone? If yes, how do you like it?


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    It works great! I have only tried it around town just playing with it but I would rank it up there with most high end stand alone GPS units in terms of speed, accuracy, and usability.

    It has all of things you look for in a good navigation unit/app like traffic updates, 3D maps, good POI search, and left/right side of the road designations.

    It has a feature called 'Search Along' which I haven't tried yet but from the title it seems that is searches along your route for POIs which is very convenient. I have two TomToms and both of them search in both directions so if I am looking for a place to eat lunch on a road trip it finds places behind me too which is rather annoying.

    One thing I haven't tried yet is seeing how the application does when being interrupted by a phone call.

    $10/month is acceptable especially since you can cancel at any time online. Even if you don't get the applications the fact that it is available is nice in case you are ever in need of GPS and don't have it, you can download on the fly.
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    This needs to be in iPhone, not Current Hardware.
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