Apple removed the $699 32GB iPhone 3GS!

in iPhone edited January 2014
I discovered that Apple has removed the ability to but the iPhone 3G and or 3GS without a contract. I saved it in my carts they now state that it have to be with a 2 Year Contract for purchase! Anybody else pissed off about this?


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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    That's pretty strange, if true. And has absolutely nothing to do with Apple, if this is really the case.

    Think Apple cares if you pay $700 directly to them for the iPhone and never activate it on AT&T? Nope.
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    ajpriceajprice Posts: 320member
    O2 in the UK and the UK Apple Store still have Pay & Go iPhones. Maybe its (another) AT&T thing, and not an Apple thing?
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