Memory Wipe on Power Mac G4?

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I just bought another mac, a power mac g4 dirt cheap, they said the memory was wiped and it would work fine. Well when I got home and got ready to boot it, it loaded and an account came up asking for a password to an already existing account. I don't have leopard, but i have tiger install discs. Is there an easy way to do this, or will i have to take it to apple? help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


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    First off: it is not memory that you want wiped. Memory (RAM) does not survive a reboot or the computer being turned off. Instead the leftovers are on the hard disk, along with the operating system. So if you want to get rid of the account and make things like they were out of the box you are going to need to re-install the OS from scratch (a clean-install).

    If you do this with tiger install disks, then you will wind up with 10.4 on the computer at the end. Oh.. and a caution: you have not said what sort of tiger install disks you have. If they are the ones that came with the computer then everything is fine. If they are the retail disks, and came out after the computer did then you are fine, if they are from any other computer or came out before the computer did then you will not be able to use them.
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    thx, yah they're from my 07 macbook, so i'm ordering a disc from apple for $20, appreciate the help
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    For secure wipe mac, disk utility can be used or you can use third party wipe mac software. In it you get the option of choosing wiping algorithm from about 50 options present. Hard drive data is overwritten by 0 and 1 several times, as per the option chosen 7 pass, 35 pass etc. and it is must to be done before you sell, for preventing data theft. After its use your Macbook is really safe to be selled, because all browser & cache history, log files, temporary files all are permanently deleted.
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