Adding a Mac ID to an AirPort Extreme failure

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I've been a livelong faithful PC ended user and since starting my new job at spencer house, a seniors' centre (my first IT job ever), I've been thrown into the world of Mac. I'm a stranger in a strange land it feels sometimes but I muddle through. They even have me teaching computer lessons to seniors on macs here and if they weren't at the novice level I wouldn't be able to but I am learning quickly.

Our network goes as follows:

-Broadband DSL modem

-Airport Extreme

-5 port switch

-20 port switch (I know that having the 5 switch at all is redundant, as we only have 12 comps, but it was setup already that way and my issues are so numerous that fixing it around properly hasn't been a priority yet)

We have like 12 comps hooked into the switch that feeds off a switch that feeds off the airport. All in a wired connection. I have two end users who regularily connect with wifi and often come in together. I have another desktop who sits in a dining area too far away for a LAN cord to reach expediently. So it has been outfitted lately with an AirLink PCI card. It also connects to the AirPort Extreme successfully. I've been trying to outfit another desktop lately with an USB AirLink wifi card and whenever I add this one the whole network dies all at once together. no one will have internet till i remove the new Mac ID from the Airport admin utility. Can the airport just not handle another comp? What am I doing wrong?

I can add in the new PC on the Airport Admin tool either on a MAC comp in the C@P site or from my windows PC in my office area. same issue.
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