So who got their 17in MBP

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Hi all

I am still waiting for my 17in MBP. I would like to know who got theirs and what they think of it. I went to my local apple resaler and they told me that they can't tell me when it will be in because only around 60 where delivered in North America. I find this a bit hard to beleive. Also I live in Canada and on the Canada Apple Store, they says that the 17in MBPs ship 1-2 buisness days but the same Apple resailer told me they tried ordering one by the store and they keep getting emails from Apple saying the ship date is latter.




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    I bought mine at the Apple store here in Charlotte on Wednesday. They got a bunch of them in on Tuesday's truck. The clerk told me that they had a long list of people who were now happy they were in, so I doubt that there were only 60 shipped to North America. I had almost reached the point of impatience where I was willing to buy the 15", but after having the 17" for a few days, I'm very glad I waited. The thing is beautiful, fast, and runs cool and quiet. Now I just need to find a bag big enough to hold it!
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    Glad your enjoying your 17". I cannot recommend a better bag on the market than the STM 'Convertible'.

    The padding and protection is quite astonishing. It transforms from shoulder bag into backpack in a matter of seconds and will suit whatever mood your in. If you look at it on their website it doesn't do it justice. Trust me when I say, its nothing short of perfect for the 17" Apple laptop.
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    bodebode Posts: 29member
    I got mine last week on monday. I was the very first one to buy 17 on that store here in Houston. It was long wait for me too, considering I have to fly back to Brasil soon. I was really hoping I could get it before that or I would have to buy a 15 which really didn't have the same appeal as this one.

    I can't tell you how great this is... you gotta see by yourself! No issues whatsoever... maybe only the fact that I can't work anymore since I'm always playing around with it
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    I'm getting the STM Convertible because it's thin. Good to hear that it's well padded. I saw one pic of the interior but the pics online are not that good.
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    Got mine on Monday here (21st)

    Hasn't given me an ounce of pain/problems
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    Got the 17" on the 15th and so far a beautiful system. I have added 2 500 barracuda e-sata 2 7200.10 drives via expresscard 34 slot with a WeibeTech E-sata 2 drive connection. OWC e-sata2 drive kit rounds out the storage system. So far, no heat issues at all.
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    It transforms from shoulder bag into backpack in a matter of seconds and will suit whatever mood your in

    That's good enough for me! I'm going to check them out... thanks!
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 258member
    Finally got mine yesterday and she's ohhhh so sweet. Only problem is that it's too big to hide from the boss, but is that really a complaint bahahahaha.
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