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Okay, I use address book to manage all my contacts, business and personal. I'm trying to print labels to send a letter to all my contacts, which I have in a group in Address Book.

I can open address book, select that group and go to Print and easily print Avery labels, but it doesn't print the company name.

If I switch all the cards to "Company" it doesn't print the contact name.

How do I get the labels to print both the company name and contact name? Is the template somewhere that I can edit?


PS - Already searched Apple's knowledgebase with no luck.


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Launch Address Book.

    Select File > Print.

    Select Mailing Labels from the Style popup menu.

    Hopefully, you can take it from here.
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    I did. Did you read my post?

    When I print from Address Book, it doesn't include the Company Name on the labels.

    How do I include the Company Name on the labels?
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Address book won't do it by itself. You can use PearLabelizer to do what you want. Go into its Preferences/Address Book, click Insert Address Book Field and insert Organization after the last name. Don't forget to add several spaces between last name and organization. Click the Add As and change the name. I have mine as W/Company Name. This should work for you.
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    Thanks, that worked great.
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