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Hey guys I recently purchased a macbook and btw it is phenominal. I was looking around for a case for it, preferably a backpack. i came upon the STM small loop backpack and it looks nice, any suggestions on cases or comments on this specific one? thanks


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    cyko95cyko95 Posts: 391member
    I would recommend an Ogio backpack. I have one for my Powerbook, and love it.

    The exact one I have is

    Plenty of room for the laptop and a TON of other stuff, yet it's small enough to carry it around with you.
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    It's pricy, but check out Booq ( I got a Folee and I absolutely love it. It's built extremely well, lots of thoughtful touches.

    Another place to check is Tom Bihn ( I have a daily bag from them and their quality is also extremely good.
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    I'm a huge fan of Incase.
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    kfdankfdan Posts: 81member
    Wenger, STM and Targus bags are good quality bags. You just need to figure out if the design fits your needs! I got the STM for 17" convertible bag (backpack, sholder strap, and handle carry) because I wanted a slim bag that could be used in a few different ways! Choose you poison well!
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    smaxsmax Posts: 360member
    Another vote for Booq here, I love my backpack.
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    I'd vote for a DaKine backpack; they're awesome. I got one when I got my MacBook and I love the thing. It has a separate side access compartment for the computer (not just a sleeve inside the mian compartment), a bunch of other pockets, a CD organizer, and plenty of room for anything you carry around during the day. Lifetime warranty on the zippers too.
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