Are you a bad person? My computer thinks so

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Hot on the heels of the new robots by Samsung that can kill human beings, here is another step we take towards a peaceful world where humans don't need to do the wrong stuff.


"Richard Berk, a University of Pennsylvania criminologist, has worked with authorities to develop a software tool that predicts who will commit homicide..."

The product is entering clinical trials next spring in the Philadelphia probation department.

With Windows Vista being used to run systems like these, we can be sure that we live in a safe and secure world ruled by script kiddies, err...


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    Originally Posted by Slewis


    So what are they going to do? Arrest people for a crime they haven't yet committed?

    That will never happen. What might happen is annual tests in work settings mandated by employers or in schools for students to be proactive about stopping a situation before it arises. You can't arrest someone for something they haven't done, because you can't PROVE they were going to do it. But you can for instance take troubled students into counseling or mediation before a situation escalates.
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    I rather meant it as a joke. I was busy earlier and didn't have time to read the article Slashdot linked to.

    It would work best with Convicts that are released back into the public, but I doubt this will be accurate or even useful for the first few years it is in service. As they improve upon it with more and more data, then I can see it possibly being used.

    However annual seems a bit much, perhaps at certain ages (12th Grade, 7th Grade, 35 (optional) etc.) or another schedule, at whatever ages someone would most likely commit murder.

    It's an interestind idea that might work, but who's going to agree to it?

    Say they get a False Positive saying you are going to commit murder? What would happen at this point?

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    geo06geo06 Posts: 19member
    Does anyone remember Minority Report?

    This could be the first step to controlling everything in our lives...although I do realize that was a Sceince Fiction story.
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    Originally Posted by tonton

    Fortunately, Bush will be long out of power before a tool like this sees any practical use.

    We Won't need Bush for some idiot to come along and figure out how to use it against the public. Kind of like Brain Fingerprinting...
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    Statistics alone cannot be used to judge a human being. If you give up all your decision making and thinking capabilities to a number crunching machine, where does that leave humans? Don't we have records of people spending a quarter of their life in prison because some machine/clerical error? We only hear about the lucky ones, what about the unlucky ones? How does monetary compensation make up for loss of your life? Anyhow, I hope stupidity like this gets scrapped.
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    Originally Posted by tonton

    Fortunately, Bush will be long out of power before a tool like this sees any practical use.

    Err... I am of the opinion that he will somehow try to amend the constitution to say that he can be President for Life or something like that or he will make sure by hook or by crook that Cheney will become president after him so that he can at least control the throne if not be on it.
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