Advice on selling my Mac?

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So I've been wanting to get a MacBook lately, but I need to sell my current setup to help pay for it. Has anyone ever sold their old hardware and had any success? I'm not sure I want to use eBay, but what about ads in the local paper? Especially around Christmas time. Or maybe a local computer store would give me something for it?

I have a Mac Mini, the first generation one that cost $499 a year or so ago. I also have a 20" Cinema Display, which I payed something like $1200 for when they first came out (ouch) but they've now dropped to $699. I also have the wireless keyboard/mouse to go along with it, which cost about $120.

It's all still in great condition, what should I ask for it? I thought $1000 would be fair, yet a bit optimistic. Maybe $800 realistically.


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    I would think long and hard about not selling on eBay. People pay silly amounts on eBay so you could make a decent bit. Just make sure you don't post until payment is received and in your bank account. Also only post to the registered address and consider not selling to 'bad reputation countries' (eg Nigeria etc)
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    I just sold my PowerBook on Ebay and am very happy with the amount recieved. You really should use them just remember as already has been said don't ship until you recieve payment also they do take a small percentage but you will get more bids if you have a paypal account as the bidders like to use the service.
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