Internal hard drives for the first release G5 Powermac

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I've been looking into getting a new internal harddrive for my single 1.8ghz G5 Powermac, but all I've been seeing in the stores is PATA drives, and Eide drives from Maxtor, and Western Digital. Can I only use a SATA 3.5" drive, or is PATA the same? Also, is there a limit to what size drive I install, or is it whatever size I want? Thanx for any help. Also are there specific brands that are the most reliable, run very quiet, and cool?


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    Anyone? I really need some help here.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    SATA, whatever size you want. 3.5 inch. Installing it is so easy it literally takes less than a minute.
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    How about Ultra that the same or not? Thanx for the reply.
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    IDE = ATA = PATA (parallel ATA) = Ultra ATA (all at different speeds, but same connector)

    SATA = serial ATA = modern HD connector --> the one you need!
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    Okay thanks a lot. I guess the ones at Bestbuy are no good for me then. I wonder why they mention the new macs, and the newest OS's too? Can you still use those other drives if you got an extra card for one of the PCI slots? I guess I need to shop somewhere else.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Tigerdirect,,, all should have a huge selection of SATA-150 drives. I got a bad Maxtor once but others have no problem.
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    Are those Canadian distributors? I want to buy it fairly locally.
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    BestBuy sells SATA HD They are SATA II, but I believe they're compatible with SATA I. is Canadian. Try that or
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    They are compatible.
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    Are you saying SATA II drives are the same as SATA drives? I just want to clarify because they have a few Seagate internal harddrives on the Bestbuy site....too bad they're not in store.
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    Yes, SATA II are the next generation of SATA drives.
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    I guess I'll pick up the Seagate one the futureshop site has. It's 320 GB for $139.99 Canadian. Not too bad right? Merry Christmas one and all!
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    Now I know my harddrive has an 8mb memory buffer, but the SATA II drive has a 16mb buffer. Am I paying more for this, and does this extra memory make a difference to my computer or will it just run at 8mb since that's it's limit? My last question is, the package with the harddrive only has the harddrive....does my G5 have the other things I need to hook it up, or will I need to buy extra wires, or tools to hook it up. Thanx again. I found a Seagate 320 GB drive at Bestbuy today, which is the one I'm going to buy if everything is right.
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