Refurbished core duo or new core 2 duo?

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Hey guys, I'm looking to make the jump from my dell notebook to a macbook.

I'm considering either the refurbished Macbook with the 2.0ghz core duo, 512mb ram, 80gb hard drive. This one totals $999.99.

I'm also considering the new 2.0ghz Core 2 duo Macbook with 1gb memory, and an 80gb hard drive with a cost of $1200 (I get the student discount).

I'm a college student and will use my macbook, for the internet, word processing, music playing, iChat, etc. Pretty basic stuff. I don't really plan on using it for gaming or anything like that. I'm just tired of my dell crashing and being slow.

Is it worth it to spend the extra $300 bucks on the extra ram and better processor? Thanks so much for your help!



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    You can always buy extra RAM later, and it's easy to install. Your needs sound like you'll do great with the refurb.
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    I agree, the processor is not so important, but get more RAM! 512 MB isn't enough any more nowadays. Get 1 or better 2 GB so you'll be fine for a few years to come.

    And get AppleCare to extend the warranty to 3 years in total! The chance that in those three years anything could break is as high as with any other brand. But Apple charges more for a single repair of the tiniest part on a notebook - if it is out of warranty - than the AppleCare package would have cost. You can buy AppleCare anytime during the first year after purchase of the notebook.

    So yeah, go for it! And welcome to the Mac world!!!
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