Apple Care Protection Plan? How much time do I have to get this?

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About to make the jump to my first Mac, probably the Macbook. I have set a strict budget for myself. Apple's educational discount won't really help me as all it does is take off 100 which is added back on with tax anyway. Can I buy the Macbook from somewhere else where there is no tax/shipping then pick up an Apple Care Protection Plan directly from Apple with the educational discount or do they both need to be purchased at the same place? All help is greatly appreciated.


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    I'm not sure if you can buy from a reseller and still get Apple Care. You can get Apple Care anytime before the standard warranty expires on purchases from Apple directly.
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    Well, you still get it about 100 cheaper because the tax would normally also be added to the higher price... So you indeed might get it somewhere where they don't charge taxes. That's why in almost every country here in Europe taxes must be included on every price tag. Like that you don't get any surprises.

    AppleCare can be bought anywhere and must be activated during the first year after purchase of your machine.
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