ipod headphone recommendations? non-earbud specifically. pro quality at consumer $

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any recommendations? I have some audiotechnica pro headphones that work nicely (the ATH-M40's) but their jack is huge (1/4"). I want something the size of my ipod jack (1/8") so i don't have to use an adapter that takes up the entire length of the ipod!

Any recommendations?

I know what quality audio sounds like so I would like that very much, but I want to not pay too much money. What is everybody using?


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    moochmooch Posts: 113member
    Anything by Sennheiser is pretty good.
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    I have been looking at the V-Moda Vibes. They are about $100 and come in White or Black. I haven't tried them yet, but they look good and reviews say they are comfortable, have good sound quality, and great bass. ( I listen to alot of hip-hop so bass is important to me )
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    You didn't mention your price range. However, for around $100, goodcans.com recommends the Grado SR80, AKG K240Studio, and the Sennheiser HD240Pro. You can read their reviews here:

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    I can personally reccomand highly the Grado SR80s as I've had a pair for a year or so now and love them.

    Their retro look does throw some people off though.
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    awesome! thanks for the great places to start looking! Im gonna check with those references! As far as price goes, I cannot imagine paying more than $100
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    but whaT's this im reading about headphones needing an amp to reach their ful potential? I just started reading about the Grado SR80's and I read that they could use an amp to heighten their quality. I just want something that will be good for my ipod. don't care if they're big, just dont like the earbuds.
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    They were saying that all headphones will sound better with an amp. However, the Grado SR80 and Sennheiser HD240 require less power than most other good headsets, and therefore still sound good on portable players.
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    f1turbof1turbo Posts: 252member
    Koss KSC75 has made a good impression at Head-Fi forum (http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/index.php) for inexpensive headphones.

    They're $14 at Amazon.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Don't know how much it matters to you, but as an owner of the Grados I can say that although they sound wonderful (especially for the price) they are not the most comfortable things on the market, by a long shot.
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    cato988cato988 Posts: 307member
    an amazing headphone for a few extra bucks is Bose Quitecomfort 2. Get the ones that go around your whole ears. They are amazingly comfertable, have great quality and are noise reducing. They work GREAT especially on planes or what not. Ive had mine for about a year and absolutely love them
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    First off I can say that you NEVER get Bose. Cheap paper drivers sold for unbelievably high prices. What I would recommend (seeing as I am in the market as well) are the Grados. I first heard them last Saturday...and was simply stunned. I don't think I have ever heard music so full and great sounding.

    The SR-80's are what I was most impressed by. I'm looking at using them with an iPod too, and so far I have heard that the Grados are the only cans (audiophile term for the big(ger) type headphones that won't need an amp with the iPod. The senns are extremely power hungry and they are the only comparison. Get the SR-80's you will love them. BTW I'm getting them Sunday or Monday.
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    Sennheiser makes a nice set for $50-60, the PX100. It's available in white or black and comes with a slick carrying case.
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    Originally Posted by Galley View Post

    Sennheiser makes a nice set for $50-60, the PX100. It's available in white or black and comes with a slick carrying case.

    I would prefer the Grado SR-60's or a higher model senn over those. While they are nice they won't give you the sound he seems to be asking for. personally I have found the SR-80's from Grados give the best bang-for-your-buck headphones, Senns are priced higher and more power hungry as well.
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    check out sennheiser - they do some good quality but cheap headphones (although they also do the expensive pro stuff)
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    check out sennheiser - they do some good quality but cheap headphones (although they also do the expensive pro stuff)

    Definitely! a mate lent me a pair of these:


    They are great for the streets - very very lightweight, closed back to isolate the sound and utterly faithful sound fidelity. I don't want to let go of them now! They're pricey, but DJ earphones are the way to go - high resolution and dynamics, lightweight without fatigue. The wires detach in case of a skateboarding accident too.

    The problem with using any hi-fi grade earphones is that the small amplifier in the iPod won't kick mustard - it needs a low-impedance pair of earphones to drive the bass well enough. The Grados are good too, but really not my piece of cake. If I wanted to carry a portable turntable around with me whilst rollerblading, I might opt for a Grado to complement the looks..
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    I would go with the Grado's over those HD-25's any day. The grados have a much better sound than those 25's, and are about the same price.

    Also the Grado look has grown on me (surprising me completely lol), but yes it is a bit old looking lol.
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