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Just unwrapped a brand new MacBook Pro CD2 15" 2.33GHz *and* a new iPod shuffle, one of which is not behaving. The iPod is recognized by iTunes and charges when plugged into the left USB port but not the right. Note that my USB mouse works in either port. Here are some more details:

1) the first thing i did was update the OS, iTunes, and iPod firmware (current as of 12/20/06)

2) i restarted after updates

3) i tried many times with both USB ports, always with the same results.

So I ask for your help. The USB ports should be identical, correct? Think I have a faulty port? Faulty shuffle? Im sure you all know what the Pro costs, so you can imagine that this is killing me!

Many thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing your take. Happy holdays,



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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    I would contact Apple, they will replace brand new products within two weeks without requiring you to get yours repaired. It sounds like a MBP fault to me.
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    MacCrazy- Will take your advice. MacThank You -Joe
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