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I noticed something on If you go to Store >>Mac Accessories >> More Accessories ..Then click on 'PDA' the page is blank. I can't remember the exact date I first checked this ..but I think it's been blank now for over 10+ days

So ..... is this a hint that there will be a future Apple brand PDA or iPod that has a Mac OX

edit: Mac OX = Mac OS X 8)


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    It has a sort button: Browse by (all iPods) as the only selection.

    iPod max?
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    A very odd page.
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    Originally Posted by Bergermeister View Post

    It has a sort button: Browse by (all iPods) as the only selection.

    iPod max?

    I loved the

    Please check back often,, as we are always adding new products to the Apple Store. Use the drop-down menu above to view other related products, or continue shopping.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,799member
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    Except that doesn't make any sense, on a number of levels.

    Firstly, an Apple "PDA" would be silly. It's an ever shrinking segment, as phones and, yes, MP3 players like the iPod take on more and more calendaring and contact functionally. Declaring an iPod to be a "PDA" at this point would be a giant step backwards.

    Secondly, Apple has no earthly reason to go live with an empty web page weeks before a new product offering. The only explanation would be a mistake, and Apple doesn't make multi-week "mistakes" on its web site.

    I think the likely explanation is that the PDA market is so weak that there just isn't anything Apple feels like selling at the moment, and they haven't bothered to kill the category out-right.
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    Apple sells non Apple products too you know...
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    That's what I mean, nobody has a PDA interesting enough for Apple to even bother selling, but they're holding the slot open in case somebody steps up.
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    Man, the NEWton is coming, and people are going to realize it. I'll just sit back and watch it happen, knowing I was the first person to predict it.

    Anyway, that is strange. It could just be there until they find a PDA company worthy of the Apple Seal of approval.
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    Originally Posted by icfireball View Post

    Apple sells non Apple products too you know...

    They used to have things on that page from PALM and others that are now gone. I wouldn't doubt that they were not selling that well, and just got pulled and the page is still there.
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    [QUOTE= phones and, yes, MP3 players like the iPod take on more and more calendaring and contact functionally. Declaring an iPod to be a "PDA" at this point would be a giant step backward.[/QUOTE]

    I was thinking that Apple would 'one-up' the Microsoft Zune with a new iPod that does some PDA like things...

    - wifi for email checks

    - Safari 'Lite'

    - Apple Works 'lite'

    The Zune has 'Zune-to-Zune' using WiFi .. I would strongly bet the iPod 6G will not only have WiFi but a 3" LCD. Since the iPod has most of the parts that a PDA does (Screen, Battery, Hard Drive, CPU,) -if the iPod ever adds Wifi then I see it only as something that adds to the device for little extra cost to make

    Things to think about

    Rumor of the 'touchless' click wheel

    The last iPod was version 5.5 .... 6.0 should be something rather big

    Apple already added games to the iPod... I can see them adding more
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    I realize the name would be a problem ( with iProducts using reserved for non-professionals), but I've thought for years that the iPod was designed to develop into a PDA. Why else give it a name unconnected to music? Why ese include a calendar and address book?

    The iPod Pro should essentially be a smart phone operating on some sort of OSX lite OS. I would buy one immediately.

    btw, geat catch.
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    shanmugamshanmugam Posts: 1,200member
    iPod Phone

    iPod PDA/iPod SmartPhone
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    sorry to burst a bubble but if you go to the same page in the uk store it has a palm pda there .......

    unless they brought them ...........
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    the iPDA


    the iChat
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,402member
    I find it hard to believe that Apple would be getting into PDA's when I read over a year ago that people were using them less...

    - Mark
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    aren't people only using pda's less because they are using smartphones and things like that more?

    and what about the iPad?

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    It's not inconceivable that Apple should license a PDA/organizer version of OSX (OSX Lite?) to other manufacturers... but highly unlikely.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    There's no doubt Apple will continue to improve "PDA" functionality on the iPod. They may also release some kind of iPod Pro running OS X lite and with all kinds of wireless and app goodness.

    But they would never relegate such an animal to a page on their website labeled "PDA". "PDA" as a marketing term is essentially dead.
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    The only hint that we have from anywhere on Apple's website is the fact that Apple updated their .Mac services to provide push-type e-mailing (with the page open in a browser, new e-mails automatically show up without refreshing the page or clicking on the "Get Mail" button).

    The question is: Why do you need this type of capability when you are mobile or at another computer without access to your usual mail application setup? When you check your e-mail using a browser, you are in and out. If you want 24/7 notification, you utilize a full fledge e-mail application; you don't keep Apple's .Mac webpage open.

    On a side note: it's rather odd that this feature was never touted by Apple themselves or even any bloggers. Perhaps the reason that no blogger has written about this is that no one utilizes their .Mac services in this fashion, just as I have suggested above, yet... the functionality IS there.

    The answer to the question is: Apple will be releasing some new piece of hardware (presumably mobile) that will take advantage of it to allow us to be "connected" when subscribed to a .Mac e-mail account. A something that will probably ring when you receive a new e-mail and also ring when you receive a text message and ring when you receive a phone call.

    Just as the iPod is there to support the iTS and inturn the iTS supports the iPod; so too will a handheld/PDA/phone support .Mac just as .Mac will be supporting the handheld.

    Well, that's all I got. No pictures or hard evidence. Just rationalization.
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