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Alright well this was the best place I thought I could put something concerning splipstreaming (windows) as windows is software...

Anyways I have Windows SP1a and I need to slipstream it into SP2 to work with bootcamp, correct? My question is if I can do this on Mac OS X, or if I need a Windows system to do the slipstream. Help please?

Also where is a good guide to take you through the steps? I really dislike this one ( as a guide, seeing how it uses windows, though I could probably get by with it.


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    alright well I got impatiant (I really want to play Guild Wars, and the free oblivion that my friend gave me lol) so I am going to go ahead and try it with Sp1a. From what it sounds like, it will install fine, however, you cannot install to SP2, as it says you always need 3 mb more space on your partition. Anyways SP1a should work fine for me, as I will only be using this for a few windows games. Anyone think there will be a problem with it?
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