noise and tilting

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i have a powerbook G4 and just recently it started to make a wurring noise that seems to be coming from the front left corner and when it does that my computer doesn't quite FREEZE, but it will stop doing whatever it was doing, if a page was loading, it just stops. the only way for the noise to stop and the computer to work as normal is tilting it - sometimes just for a second and sometimes (like now) keeping it tilted. a friend mentioned it may have to do with the sudden motion sensor - does anyone have any ideas about this? further information? thanks!


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    Bring it in to an Apple Store. Whatever is wrong will require them to repair it anyways.
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    That buzzing sound is what we like to call the "Light Saber." It is usually caused by the hard drive when you move the computer around. Best bring it to an Apple store since many people report their hard drives failing a couple weeks down the road.
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