I am about to Convert to Apple, however have a few issues

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Hi, this is my first post, so go easy on me if i am repeating many previous posts, however i would like the forums wisdom on a couple of issues:

A) How common are dead pixels?, i am thinking about buying the 17" iMac, with 2ghz processor, and would like to know if it is a common problem , e.g. is it common to get a dead pixel on every purchased imac/macbook/mac book pro, and are they that noticeable?

B) How frequently do macs incur problems?, this will be the first time i have spent around £700 for a computer, i normally go for ones around the £400 mark for pc's, and i have had to persuade my dad pretty hard to realise why i want a mac, and i know pc's can break too (and regularly), however i would hate to see the "i told you so" face after it breaks the day after warranty.

I have heard so many positives about mac's hence why i am converting, however would like a few issues ironed out for piece of mind, and for the sake of my wallet.

PS i am waiting till march for leopard before purchasing.


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    From what I've seen, the screens on the new iMacs are very good and I think dead pixels out of the box aren't too common and you'd be unlucky to get one (though I don't know if there are any figures on the probability of one...?). As for how noticeable it might be, that would depend on both the colour and location of the dead pixel. Apple has guidelines on what will qualify for a replacement though if you are really unhappy they will usually try to accommodate and replace your unit.

    As for problems with the new iMacs, they have been revised at least four or five times since the first 3rd Gen iMac (iMac G5) came out and most of the bugs have been flattened. I think you will be most impressed with what you get for your money, they are very solid and enjoyable machines...though I would definitely recommend getting the Apple Extended Warranty before the first year expires.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,480moderator
    My brother has a dead pixel on his 20" iMac but he's not going to get it sorted. You can hardly see it anyway. Dead pixels sound like a major problem but really, you're talking about maybe 1 pixel out of 1,764,000 i.e 0.00006% of your screen. It's just the way LCDs are and people shouldn't really buy LCD screens anyway. They are a waste of money if you go for quality over form factor. I have a £30 CRT hooked up to my £400 Mini and it's capable of true HD resolution unlike my brother's £1300 iMac. My biggest disappointment with the Mini is the GMA but it performs adequately for non-serious gaming and 3D so I'm not too bothered but the X3000 that is hopefully coming soon should make up for a few of its shortcomings like lack of hardware T&L. The Mini is also harder to open than the iMac though.

    BTW, the 17" iMac with 2GHz processor is £800. Are you getting a refurb? I noticed there was one at that price on the refurb section.

    One thing to remember about the price is that although it seem like more than the PCs you are used to, you are getting Core 2 Duo processors. Normally £400 PCs have older Pentium Ds or Pentium-M. Even the latest Mini-style PC with Core 2 Duo is £500:


    and it doesn't have the X1600 GPU that comes in the iMac or the 17" display or even firewire.
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    Is the extended warranty the cover care thing they offer with the product at time of sale for £125?

    or does it become cheaper to extend the warranty at the end of the warranty?

    thanks for the replies so far by the way
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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member
    Applecare costs the same no matter when you buy it.

    From personal experience, I or my company have purchased 5 Macs with built-in LCDs. Out of these I had one with a stuck pixel. It was a refurbished flat panel Core Duo iMac. I'm typing on it now and can't actually find the pixel in question. As I recall it only shows up against black and certain other colors.

    In College I was a lab assistant in our Multimedia lab. While I was there we upgraded the whole lab to flatpanel G5 iMacs, about 22 total give or take. There were no bad pixels that I was aware of, but a single stuck pixel is an easy thing to miss so that doesn't mean they weren't out there.
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