whats the worst Apple could do to your wallet?

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is it a 30th Aniversary Mac/iMac/xMac or something else?

an iphone

a widescreen (video) ipod

iTV gaining a Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive or gaining an inch in height and a 200GB HD

or fox, warner, new line etc. all signing up for a movie download service thru iTunes

a Mac TV with iTV included! and all that that entails

or Leopard being ready on Tuesday!

what would it take to defeat your wallet and make you cry ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

not a poll really, just "the final" tm dollop of insanity


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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,081member
    An iPhone




    and the iPod on the same day

    Hopefully that won't happen
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    loulou Posts: 43member
    an ultra portable mac pro would do it for me, upto £1200 (less w/ student discount). And an i phone, my old Nokia 6600 is seriously dead now.
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    durandaldurandal Posts: 277member
    the iPhone - just had a new Nokia this year, still the iPhone would be *very* tempting...
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    The ultra portable 30th anniversary Mac Super Book would send me happily into debt for the next five years.8)
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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    Iphone. I'm ready for a new cell phone now. I would probably buy one without waiting for reviews.
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    benroethigbenroethig Posts: 2,782member
    Core 2 duo Mac Pro

    Affordable ( $700 is not affordable) 19 or 20 inch widescreen display with iSight and Front row integration.

    iWork '07 with spreadsheet, database, and usable

    Acquisition of Elgato and integration of the EyeTV 2 software into iLife and EyeTV hybrid into the 20 and 24" iMacs.

    20" iMac with 7300GT and 7600GT Video Options.
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    Originally Posted by backtomac View Post

    Iphone. I'm ready for a new cell phone now. I would probably buy one without waiting for reviews.

    thats pretty much the thoughts in my head as well!
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    If those come out tuesday, I'm screwed.
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    The damage could be catastrophic!
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    you know, much though the odds 'seem' to be against an xMac, i think if one of those was avalible on tuesday along with iphone/WSiPod id be pretty up creek minus paddle.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
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    and the new monitor on the same day
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    shanmugamshanmugam Posts: 1,200member
    iPod Phone ... time to change my Moto Slvr and 4GB iPod White
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    new displays I reckon
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    Announcing Leopard, iWork 07 (with a spreadsheet app) and new displays.

    That would force me to purchase a Mac Pro, iWork 07 and a 30-inch HD Cinema Display.

    Resistance is futile. Must purrrch-ch-chassssssss........arghhhhhhhh!!!!
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    iPhone WAAAAAAH!

    I AM TEH DOOMED!!!!one111
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    mac voyermac voyer Posts: 1,292member
    I would love to have to figure out how to buy a new Apple branded phone this week. But I just don't see it being announced. That is too much for a MW keynote. I see a special event for that one. Realistically, I expect to buy iL07. Naturally, I will buy the new OS if that is ready. They will really need to do something special to Pages to make me want iW07. That's pretty much it for me. Even so, I am taking Tuesday off to enjoy the spectacle. Thank goodness for paid personal days.
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    Apple has already done its worse to my wallet in 2003-2004. I blew like AUD$5,000 and maxxed out my credit cards buying and selling Macs just to try the latest models and stuff and setting up some sweet music gear to make Trancemusik. Took 2 years (2005-2006) to clear it off, with the help of my parents. Not fun.

    Thank gawd I don't anticipate anything grand about the iPod Phone or iPod CinemaWide that I need to run out and buy it. It'll take about a month to really show up in Australia anyway.

    I have built a Jobsian-RDF-Shield(TM) made out of chicken-fence-wire and lots of tassels and Christmas ornaments. Let's hope it works. 8)
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    A $200-300 cell phone with a 2 year $60 a month voice and data plan.
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    dual quad core Mac Pro would make me brown bag it for a couple weeks
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