FINAL MWSF 2007 Keynote Predictions



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    See the thread "A little bird told me"

    Those are my predictions !
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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    I predict:
    • iWork, iLife, shipping now.

    • Leopard demonstrated, shipping March/April.

    • Updated specs of mini and/or Mac Pro, but not a big update. No 8-core Pros. Just a brief mention for a minor update.

    • iTV, shipping now. OR (not both) iPhone.

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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    Originally Posted by European guy View Post

    See the thread "A little bird told me"

    Those are my predictions !

    The i*****
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    Originally Posted by UnixPoet View Post

    MS with WHS/XBox /IPTVis gonna own the living room. What I hope Apple does because it sure needs to: buy Nintendo!

    I don't think so. While it may seem like a good idea at first blush, it doesn't really mesh well with what Apple is trying to do. They might be a good partner, but not a good acquisition.

    Originally Posted by UnixPoet View Post

    What I fear is gonna happen: Steve Jobs steps down. What a fscking wrong time to do it if its true.

    Nope, not going to happen. Steve knows that things are going his way right now, and he wouldn't want to abandon his post.

    Originally Posted by UnixPoet View Post

    Apple needs a living room "story" and the iTV on its own is NOT it. It needs a games console as well and Nintendo's family-friendly image fits perfectly with Apple's. With Nintendo and Disney in the bag then it can fill in the gaps like the cell phone.

    Actually, I don't think they need a game console. It just looks that way. I don't think they ought to concede it either. A good partnership (a.k.a. with Nintendo) can go a long way. Especially with as hot as the Wii is right now.

    Originally Posted by UnixPoet View Post

    IMO this is make or break time for Apple: MS is pushing really hard this time round for the CE space. And its winning Sony is imploding and the only one capable of holding the fort is Jobs.

    Yes, Sony is imploding. No, MS is not winning. They did not do so well this past Christmas season. Vista has already gotten so much bad publicity that people are doubting it. Their living room answer is based off from the same crud that Vista is. Explain how they are winning again??

    I don't mean to sound crass about this, I just think you are painting too bleak of a picture here. Just hold on to your pants, it is going to be a fun Keynote, and an ever funner year.
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    shanmugamshanmugam Posts: 1,200member
    any one? any more??? - last 13 hours
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    Anybody predict HD TV set?
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    1. Forty-five minutes demonstrating new iDVD themes.

    2. Thirty minutes demonstrating the new dock Genie effect in Leopard.

    3. Forty-five minutes repeatedly saying "boom."
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    shanmugamshanmugam Posts: 1,200member
    iLife 07 & iWork 07 -Powered By Amazon

    iPod Phone - Powered by WSJ

    any more? "ONE MORE THIING" ???
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,785member
    Originally Posted by OS X Guy View Post

    Anybody predict HD TV set?

    I did, look here. I found out Rolo did too, but I never knew he did. I just thought it's so obvious, and I couldn't believe everyone wasn't thinking the same. Apple make speakers, Apple make computer screens, Apple wants the living room, 2 + 2 =
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    Originally Posted by shanmugam View Post

    any one? any more??? - last 13 hours

    A reborn Cube to be the 30th Anniversary Mac, filling the niche for a headless Mac between what may be a new iMac and the Octo Mac Pros.
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    iTV (renamed of course)




    Large capacity HDD (100gb+)

    Can buy movies/music directly from the store

    Can sync directly with iPods

    Bluray/HD-DVD (BTO option)

    iPhone (renamed)

    4GB flash

    Slider design


    Price is $299

    Available very soon at Cingular and T-Mobile

    Mac Mini update

    ILife '07

    Ability to view videos built into iPhoto instead of having to load Quicktime

    Garageband receives a major update that includes many more Podcasting tools

    iDVD and iMovie HD receive incremental, but not significant, upgrades

    iWork '07

    Introduction of the spreadsheet application

    Keynote is still the only app worth a damn

    One more thing...

    Real video iPod
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    synpsynp Posts: 248member
    iWork '07

    iLife '07

    Quad Core MacPro

    iTv name/ship date (q2, 07)


    One more thing:

    Federal agents come on stage, and arrest Steve. The handcuffs come in MBP brushed aluminum or the new iPod/iBook black.

    No white handcuffs.
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    wircwirc Posts: 302member
    Originally Posted by synp View Post

    One more thing:

    Federal agents come on stage, and arrest Steve. The handcuffs come in MBP brushed aluminum or the new iPod/iBook black.

    No white handcuffs.

    That's ridiculous. The handcuffs will be made of ceramic, will contain an MP3 player, and use Bluetooth headphones. "Boom. Clip right on you! No hassle with the cords getting tied up in your jumpsuit."

    My Predictions:

    iLife '07;

    iWork '07 with "Lasso" for spreadsheets;

    Leopard features, with new UI look;

    Phone unveiling, not release, and:

    -Steve will show ads,

    -Some other CEO will come out, make bad jokes like Roz Ho;

    Airport Extreme and iSight improvements.
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    pn18pn18 Posts: 11member
    iPhone will use jajah-VoIP software
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    vox barbaravox barbara Posts: 2,021member
    As a starter Steve Jobs mentions Apples role in the Computer industry.

    He mentions some (growing) numbers, briefly introduces some updates

    regarding the iApps in general.

    On stage: Again Intels Otelini, who praises Apple a lot.

    He is so proud to do business with the leader of the industry.

    On stage: Again Adobes Bruze, who talks about the wonderful relationship

    Apple and Adobe have gained again. He praises CS3 as the best and most powerful

    Photoshop ever, that comprises Mac only features. (Camera on Jobs: big smile),

    while someone else demos the new creative suite. (Announcement of shipping date)

    Leaving stage with friendly hugs.

    Commercial Break, on to iPods.

    Jobs mentions the incredible success of its iPod family.

    Now say hello to a new member.

    iPod theater. Comes in shiny white and a pretty 19:6 screen.

    Touch screen navigation, 60 to 100 gig HD space.

    The Mother of all iPods.

    Further he introduces the new iPod HiFi Express, with build in

    Airport Express card and improved sound.

    Jobs smiles his smile.

    Than he continues his performance by saying something between these lines:

    "Apple is a big success since 30 years and appears stronger and stronger every day."

    "Our success had been based upon 2 pillars. Macs and since a couple

    of years iPod and iTunes. Macs changed the computer industry. iPod+iTunes changed the

    music industry. From now on we are going to change (*silence*)...

    the film industry. He actually announces the immediate availability of iTunes Movie Store,

    supported by at least 4-5 Majors. Talks about improved subscripten models and so on,

    but what about to watch what you want when you want?

    From now on we deliver you Movie streams directly into your house via

    your DSL/Cable slot. Easy. How? Look at this. He unveils the Airport Theater

    (formerly known as iTV). The price is pretty competitive.

    What else? Jobs asks the audience. The rumour is true of course.

    He introduces the Apple Phone (which got a funky name, that i cant't come up with)

    So far, hope that helps to get you straight.


    Updates of the entire iApps line

    Announcing shipping date of CS3

    iPod Theater

    iPod HiFi Express

    Airport Theater (supported by at least 4-5 Movie Majors)

    Apple Phone
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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    I'll even go for keynote order

    recap blahdy blah



    iTV/iTS movie announcement


    no macs (unless the quad core is ready) and no new iPod
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    New iPod

    Updated Mac mini

    iLife '07 & iWork '07
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    pbrpbr Posts: 24member
    Alright, in about 5 hours you will be able to congratulate me for this post

    - The usual stuff (some figures on iPod/Macs/Revenues/Retail stores etc)

    - iPod 6G (w/o touch-screen)

    - Leopard "preview" (Shipping TODAY!)

    - Mac mini update (C2D)

    - iWork/iLife 07

    - iTV release (no idea for the name - definitely none of those mentioned in this forum )

    - One more thing: Completely new Cinema Displays, more models, more affordable

    - Perhaps one even more thing: (I daren't say what...)

    We could discuss on the order, anyway...

    Well, however, keep cool

    And have fun
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    1) A device based on iTV technology. It will include the ability to download videos to the device (which has about 150 GB storage space) through the AirPort Express Wi-Fi connection, and will include both component video and HDMI outputs for today's widescreen TV's.

    2) The new iLife and iWork software suites.

    3) The "true" video iPod with 16:9 aspect ratio screen, touchscreen controls and 80 to 120 GB of hard disk storage on device. Along with device comes the iTunes 7.5 software, which adds the full iTunes Movie Store capability.

    4) The long-rumored Apple cellphone, which is GSM-based (so it can be used in most of the world) and will be available in the USA through Cingular and T-Mobile.

    5) Improved iMac and Mac Mini models with better Core 2 Duo CPU's, more RAM capacity, even bigger hard disk capacity and possibly improved onboard video.

    6) The next generation of Apple Cinema Displays.
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    It's always a little sad coming back to these threads after the event, but this one's a little sadder than most for me. Every single prediction about the keynote that didn't involve iTV (now Apple TV) or the iPhone was wrong. I was kind of disappointed. There were a few things I was hoping for?primarily an improved Pages?and none of them even got mentioned. I don't expect Apple to completely ignore their computer/software business for the next year or anything, but I was hoping for some announcements that might be more relevant for me.
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