the iPhone is here (very serious mock-up)



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    to quote myself from another thread:

    "...the cell market is saturated with crappy phones that people will deal with because they are free...hell, I had someone tell me that it wasnt worth $10 to get a phone that supported bluetooth!!!

    The iPod Moto handsets are not selling so why would a $300+ consumer oriented** apple handset?

    The part of the market willing to spend real $$$ on phones is the smart-phone buyer...If anything I look for a Samsung blackjack or Motorola Q running some sort of mobile OSX"

    **read toy for teens with rich and willing parents)
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    rageous that is exactly what I was thinking, goddamn it's awesome. You need to patient that so when apple sells it you can sue and make millions.
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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    I'm having trouble getting past "Oooooops, the iPod slid down!"

    that's where I froze up, too.
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    Originally Posted by rageous View Post

    continuing on...

    Rageous - very, very nice. I've e-mailed you my Visa #.
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    I like the one with the Front Row interface, that would be really nice. The new iPod video and the iPhone could end up being one device.

    This mockup I found with a Google image search, it is similar to jindrich's design but I find it cleaner and more Apple-esque:

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    Originally Posted by turnwrite View Post

    If they give it a scratch-magnet back I'm not buying it.
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    Originally Posted by Galley View Post


    I echo those eentimantes!
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    Originally Posted by rageous View Post

    continuing on...

    11) So here we're listening to some classical music... this stuff really helps you wind down after a tough day at work. Sit back, relax, and sip some Earl Grey.

    12) I'm really liking this tune. Particually the string section. Well composed, Mr Zombie. Well composed. 4 stars for you!

    13) Shit, what's this that's popped up of my screen!? Wait no I was just getting to Rob's Cello solo! IGNORE! IGNORE!

    14) There we go, back to the good stuff.

    15) What was that little thing that popped up in the middle of this orchestral masterpiece, you ask? Well...

    Don't be greedy!

    You should win an award for this! Amazing.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    Everything but the virtual scroll wheel.

    I think we all got seduced into imagining that a full screen touch interface would involve a virtual scroll wheel because it just seemed so..... natural.

    Then Apple blows our mind with a whole new interface paradigm that makes the scroll wheel seem clumsy.

    Really, Apple has renewed my faith in their power to truly innovate, after a fairly long dry spell. Who knows where we go from here?
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    Originally Posted by Electric Monk View Post

    What if the whole thing was just mirror black (with coating) and only when you started touching it did the keys and the screen light up?

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