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I don't know if this belongs here or not but i heard a rumor that the 24 inch iMac or the new iMac comng i don't know when is going to have an upgradeable graphics card. I heard that the card is not soldered to the board like traditional iMacs. Does this mean that there could be like an X1900 or some nvidia chip coming out or compatible with the iMac


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    Dude, the current card is upgradeable in the iMac (Or is it just the 24"? Cant remember). THere is just no manufactorers of that kind of grapic cards, since it uses a special slot.
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    okay what kind of slot is it?
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    Originally Posted by polarissucks View Post

    okay what kind of slot is it?

    Only the 24" iMac has this feature right now and it (reportedly) uses an "MXM" card. MXM is Nvidia's mobile PCI Express implementation.

    Yes, the card is technically upgradeable. No it is not as simple as a desktop card swap. MXM cards are few and far between and most likely the two versions available for the 24" iMac are the only two "Mac" compatible MXM cards to exist.
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    MXM is purely for OEM upgrades. It's not for end users to work with.
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