Ripping DVDs: Is This Possible

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I just got a couple big honkin' hard drives and want to rip my DVD library. However, I'm not sure if it's possible to do exactly what I want, because I want to eliminate space-consuming features that I never access, e.g.: making-of documentaries that are only worth viewing once, Taiwanese subtitles or dubbed Gaelic soundtrack.

I'm only interested in ripping the main feature from the DVD while retaining only English language audio tracks and subtitles. The final output would be one self-contained file that would open the media player (I really don't care if it's DVD Player, QuickTime or iTunes) when double clicked and retain the ability to turn subtitles on and off and switch between audio tracks. Obviously, foreign language films are a different issue, but one hurdle at a time. Is this possible? What software do I need? Can it be done without transcoding the DVD? Thanks.


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    Theres a proggie called dvd2one, i would check google for it, as i don't really want to post a link for it.
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    Perfect. That's great. The only thing it doesn't do, and I don't know if it's even possible, is bundle the folder into one double-clickable package that launches DVD player and starts playing the movie. Is there any way of doing that? I'm trying to make viewing the film as simple as possible.

    Also, with DVD2one, I assume that since I'm ripping the DVD to a disk where size is not as issue, it's not doing any transcoding—it's just copying the video file 1:1.

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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    You can do what you need to do with the combination of MacTheRipper and Handbrake.
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    Originally Posted by Kishan View Post

    You can do what you need to do with the combination of MacTheRipper and Handbrake.

    I'm looking at Handbrake, but won't it transcode the video? Also, would it still be possible to switch between different audio tracks and subtitles?
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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    I haven't actually tried to encode subtitles or alternate audio, but in the screenshot below, you can see on the right half of the window, there are areas to specify subtitles and more than one audio track. How this is encoded and if it is accessible through a media player, I don't know yet. Once my current encoding projects are finished, I intend to give it a try.

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    handbrake has excellent options for encoding files that will allow you to have a selection of soundtracks/subtitles when you play the file back through quicktime or what not
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    It looks like Handbrake transcodes the source, though.
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    I've found that the beta version of MacTheRipper 3.0 does everything but package the extracted video into a double-clickable file. I don't think anyone's come up with a iTunes-simple DVD library/player yet.
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    Originally Posted by Nobody Special View Post

    I just got a couple big honkin' hard drives and want to rip my DVD library.

    I haven't used this, so I can't really comment on it, but it looks cool. The newest version, 4.0.5 was released December '06.

    Screenshot of general user interface

    In the features list, it says "New Rip Only and Rip & Compress modes" so it looks like disc's can be ripped to the HD, without being required to burn to a new blank disc.

    The first software built for Mac OS X that allows users to copy their DVD video collections, Audio CD collections, PlayStation 2 games, DVD-ROMs or CD-ROMs without losing any quality from the original.

    FAST DVD COPY is the most powerful digital technology copy software for Mac available on the market today.

    FAST DVD COPY 4 Features

    General features

    * One-click copy interface

    * Allows you to copy:

    o almost all DVD videos to blank DVD-R(W) discs

    o PlayStation 2 games* to a DVD-R(W) disc

    o almost all Audio CDs to a CD-R(W) disc

    o a CD-ROM to a CD-R(W) disc

    o a DVD-ROM to a DVD-R(W) disc

    * Takes advantage of Macintosh dual processors for faster processing

    * Removes CSS encryption and Macrovision protection

    * Free update patches available online

    * Privacy guaranteed with no digital mark written on the copied discs

    DVD specific features

    * Copies an entire dual-layer DVD video to one single-layer DVD-R(W) disc

    * New Rip Only and Rip & Compress modes

    * Freedom to choose all items or specific items to copy including menus, trailers, audio

    * streams, subtitles, bonus material and special features

    * Movie only feature, to copy only the main feature without menus or bonuses

    * Copied DVD videos can be played on any recent DVD player

    * Removes CSS encryption and Macrovision protection

    * Support for ARccOS-protected DVDs

    * RCE protection handling

    * Duplication quality viewer available

    * Option to send copy logs to technical support

    * Fully copies multi-channel audio (Dolby Didital 5.1, DTS, THX)

    * Apple iDVD compatible

    * NTSC and PAL formats supported

    * Widescreen and Full Screen sizes supported

    * DVD copies are region free

    *Important note about playing backup copies of PlayStation 2

    PlayStation 2 uses a special protection system that doesn't allow you to play non-original or imported games games in their console. In order to be able to play backup copies in your PlayStation 2 console you need to install what is called a "modchip". This is a special chip that tricks the PlayStation 2 to believe an original game has been inserted. There are several companies that offer different chip options. Be aware that many chips are compatible only with specific PlayStation 2 models, so check that the chip will work with the model you own. Most of these chips require you to open the console and solder the chip yourself, or you can request their technical service to do this for you. You can also use a card that does not require soldering or opening the console, which also does not void your warranty.
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    MacTheRipper then FFMpegX 8)
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,079member
    Originally Posted by sunilraman View Post

    MacTheRipper then FFMpegX 8)

    I have never been able to get FFmepgx to work. It always gives me separate (demuxed) audio and video.

    I use MTR and more recently, handbrake. Handbrake makes nice ipod videos all by itself too. Before I knew better, I would rip with MTR and encode with HB. But then I realize for most discs I could just rip AND encode with HB simultaneously.
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    Yeah, but what if you want to put the ripped video file on to Final Cut Pro. Which program would allow you to do that?
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