Macbook - Boot Camp - Keyboard Issue

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I have a standard Macbook and I'm trying to install Windows XP via bootcamp. I've installed boot camp and have partitianed my drive. But when I run the XP boot up disk it goes though the normal process until the first time I have to press enter. At that point I press enter and nothing happens. Are there no drivers for my keyboard at this step? Is there a fix? I bought a USB Keyboard, but it was one of the "Install Software" first kind, and did not remedy this issue. Please help!



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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    Does the Windows CD have service pack 2?
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    No, I am using a version of XP with out SP2, I was hoping to upgrade once windows started. Is there a way around with out buying windows with sp2?
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    Yeah, I 've been wanting to find out how to install XP without actually having the SP2 version CD with boot camp. There has to be some sort of workaround for people that bought an earlier version of XP.

    Anyone know way?
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    If you have a Windows XP Gold disc (that is, without SP1 or SP2), you need to slipstream SP2 into that disc.

    More info here.
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    Hi, im stuck on the screen telling me to press enter and my keyboard dosent work (macbook) and i dont know where to go from here.

    Do i just restart the macbook?
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    I acciadentally put sp1 cd in thinking it was sp2. I just need to know how to get out of the blue screen if i just restart the mac hold the power button or what.

    I would REALLY apreciate any help.


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    i restarted and took teh cd otu in the end.
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