S.T.A.L.K.E.R Runs on OS X!

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Wow, I was stunned when I saw this info on Amazon! This is HUGE news for serious gamers and FPS fans. Not sure if its true or not. Im building a new game rig for this game. Love to play it on a Mac Pro, but not gonna risk it.



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    Originally Posted by dstranathan View Post

    Love to play it on a Mac Pro, but not gonna risk it.

    What risk? All it would mean is you couldn't play it under OS X but Windows will run just fine on the Mac Pro.

    The game looks a lot like Half-Life 2, which in a way is good but it might be too much of the same.

    Also, I hate games with multiple endings. This one has 7 and only 2 are correct apparently. That would really annoy me.

    They have suggested it may come to the Xbox360 and PS3 so rather than rigging out an expensive workstation, it may be better just to get a PS3. The PS3 because it supports the keyboard and mouse.
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