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I now own a Mac Mini, a fabulous brand new MacBook Pro... and recently bought my mom a MacBook.... I have an iPod and subscribe to the .mac service....

I am new to Macs.... and I love them.... its just, Im curious on people's views and opions, as well as facts....

Why are Microsoft Windows based PCs so popular and have loads of market share????? I cant understand it when Mac OS X is far more superior...

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    rnprnp Posts: 11member
    the first reason that stands out to me is because Microsoft Windows can be put on any computer out there, whereas the Mac OS X can only legally be put on computers that Apple makes themselves which have a "reputation" for being much more expensive computers that do not have much support when it comes to software
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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member
    It's a long, long story. but basically Microsoft played its cards right (and very aggressively) in the '80s and '90s, and came out with Windows '95, with the brilliantly effective WinTel alliance, just as Apple was beginning to lose direction and fall apart. They now dominate the desktop and business market because they're the status quo, and platform software lock-in + "everyone uses it" + inertia are a powerful combined force.

    Plus, to their credit, Windows has gotten a whole lot better over the years.

    OS X is clearly better, though, has been better since 2003, and Macs have never been as affordable and looked as good as they do so today. And there's some interesting signs that people are tiring of the many little problems that result from one party making the software and many parties making the hardware. So, while it's not going to change the game in any big way, I await with great pleasure what Leopard will bring to the table.
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    And don't forget that Windows is the platform of choice for every major corporation, the government and the military. This was due to cheep machines from Gateway and Dell, and aggressive salesmanship by Microsoft. Also, Microsoft talked their language and catered to their needs. Apple didn't. At home people bought the machine that they were familiar with, Windows.

    i would suspect that government and big business account for over half of the Windows machines out their.
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