Apple Cinema Display "burn-in" problem

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I just bought a 23" ACD and I recently noticed that the Dock and the lower parts of the windows above it are burned in. I always thought LCD screens would not suffer from these burn-in effects.

What can I do? Will they let me return it?


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    tomjtomj Posts: 120member
    I don't think it's even technically possible to have burn-in on lcds. Maybe stuck pixels?? Can you post a pic so that we can see what it looks like? I would also think that if it was burn-in you wouldn't just see the bottom parts of those windows...
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    I had some discoloration in the upper left corner of my 23" ACD.

    Once I looked at the shape I realized that it was the outline of the controller for EyeTV.

    The controller left a distinct grayish outline when EyeTV wasn't running.

    Now I keep the controller closed and the outline has disappeared after a couple of days.
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    It is possible for a temporary burn-in effect to occur. I get that with my Dell monitor.

    I seem to recall reading an Apple technical note about this very topic.
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    rolandgrolandg Posts: 632member

    Thanks a lot. I hope this will solve my problem...
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    almalm Posts: 111member
    I have Apple 23" for more than two years already, had to replace power brick this summer, but no sign of burn in effect so far.
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