1GB DIMM in Quicksilver?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
anyone know if 1GB PC133 DIMMs work in quicksilver G4s or if i can only use 512MB DIMMS to max it out at 1.5GB?


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    Sadly the highest you can go is 512 for a total RAM of 1.5GB.

    I myself have always hated that hen you go into SYSTEM PROFILER it shows 4 DIMM slots when there are really only 3
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    yea obviously accordin to apple it only officially supports 512MB x 3 for 1.5GB but ive heard that 1GB DIMMs do work. i believe i read it on xlr8yourmac forums but they have closed down now and i cant find anywhere that says so. i wanted to confirm whether it did indeed work or not

    thats weird.....my system profiler shows 3 slots
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