ahhhhhhhhhhh!. help me. im so confused

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can ANY1 give me a rough idea on what the 6th generation ipod specs will be



2. touchscreen?

3. will apple actually sell any fu$£knig films for it or am i ganna have to send 30 minutes ripping movies on to it

4. price


6.will it scratch like all ipod video

7.anything else i havnt mentioned


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    1. Memory: I say upgrading 10 gigs for each model.

    2. no touch screen for a while, they dont want to outshine the iPhone in any way.

    3. iTunes is selling movies.

    4. I say 250-300 for 40 gig and 350-450 for 80

    5. I think it will become multi colored like all the other iPod models.

    6. I think they will work on it.
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    Tommy, try breathe into a bag - hand on your stomach and relax. No one knows yet.. or maybe some does?

    Just maybe the new iPod is a zero-weight hologram displayed in thin air or (optional) directly into your optical nerves and preloaded with blockbuster movies from studio's not even joined Apple yet.. or have they? It holds a brand new 512 petabytes neuro memory with wireless 802.14q protocol attachment directly to your brain, locking into the optical nerves and your ears, blasting speakers,lcs's oled's or any likely devices, back to the stone age. My guess is that the cost would be around USD 12,- or maybe just a tick more. That's the only part hard to tell.

    Oh my God, I want one too.. give me a bag.. please.. someone.. hyyyperven.. ti..latinig...

    (just a joke Tommy.. keep smiling and waiting like the rest of us)
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