Want to take HIFI on flight...how would you handle transporting over seas?

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I am interested in taking my HIFI to play my ipod in Jamaica. I will be the group fitness instructor for a week at a resort and would like to take my own system(it also has my music for the classes)....but how? Will the TSA let me take it as a carryon? I don't want to check it, as either it will get stolen or mishandled mostlikely.... HELP!!

Thanks for any advice you can give me!


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    ak1808ak1808 Posts: 108member
    The HiFi is best transported in its original box. Measure it to see whether it fits with the size requirements for carryon luggage of your flight. If so, check the weight of it as well.

    If it meets all requirements, you have no problem taking it on board.

    However, you could also keep it in its original package, put it all in a bigger cardboard box, stuff that with newspapers and put the whole thing in your biggest suitcase or check it in as separate luggage. Consider that the HiFi was exactly transported like that, when they delivered it to you.
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