Does iChat buddy logging on wake my screen?

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I have just bought my first Mac, a MacBook, after years of PC owning. My problem is I use chat a huge amount and on my old laptop I used to log into Google Talk and just leave it on. When someone logged in I was notified. I always had it plugged in, as I will with the Mac.

I now access Google Talk through iChat.

The problem I have is with the energy saver. If I say never turn the screen off it says it will shorten its life but this, along with no screen saver, is the only way I can see me being notified if my friend logs into chat. Does anyone know if iChat will wake the screen so I can see when she has logged in or if thre is anything else I can do?

Many thanks to anyone who can help!



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    No, it won't I have my iBook gor from a creensaver to eventually the semi-sleep state (witht the screen off and all). When a buddy logs on or off, it will stay in that state.
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    Hi Atlas

    Thanks for your response. As that is the case does anyone else know what I could do? Is leaving the screen on all day and never putting it to sleep going to harm my new MacBook significantly. Usually I would leave it on all evening during the week and whenever I was in the house over the weekend.

    Once again, thanks very much to anyone who can help!


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    Well I set the screen saver and thing to 15 minutes...if it goes there I'm not at the computer to talk anyways. Just set it to a time which means that by then you have walked away for a bit or something.
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    Two words: Adium X
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