Possible to keep built-in speakers functioning while headphone jack is in operation?

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howdy geniuses! = )

ok. ive just moved outta home and have picked up this ratty little speakers at a garage sale. They project treble fine (at a louder volume than the in-built speakers), but when it comes to bass, they are total garbage (and my eMac's tiny speakers are better).

Now, these external speakers have an external power source and get their information from the headphone jack, which disables my eMac's inbuilt speakers.... SOOOO, is it possible to keep both speakers functioning at once? Does anyone know/ can anyone think of a way to make this possible?

That's all.

a thousand thanks


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    justinjustin Posts: 403member
    Just use a 3.5mm jack headphone splitter. They cost a few dollars only.
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    It doesn't sound plausible. The act of inserting the external jack causes the disconnect from the internal speakers (and an adapter will not help to get your internal speakers working at the same time as your external speakers). Might just have to save up for a better set of external speakers.
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    That's what i suspected. It's cool.

    I picked the ext. speakers up free anyway. So no loss = )
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