Baldur's Gate 2 and OS 9.1?

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I've seen a number of posts about comparing the performance of BG2 in OS 9.2.1 vs. OS X.1, but I was wondering about anyone's experiences with OS 9.1 in general?

I've been playing it for about a month, and I've noticed that the game has become more and more unstable. I'm getting frequent crashes with type 2 errors almost everytime I'm asked to switch CDs (regular install, not full), and it's recently started locking the computer up completely at random times.

I've got a G4 400/832MB RAM/32MB Radeon. I've increased the memory allocation for BG2 and installed the macbaldur bug fixes. Think doing a full install or upgrading to OS 9.2.2 would help?



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    Me too. It was working fine for a while. I got to the part where I can get on the boat. So I held off and went on to complete some unfinished quests. Seems to happen most when I talk to NPCs. I'm at one point now where the game crashes every time when I talk to this one NCP. Problem is the NPC talks to me so there's no way around it. I'm stuck on that quest. I have the prefered memory up to 300 MB and it does the same thing every time.

    Did you ever notice how the frame rate goes up after you look at the map? I wich they would fix that.

    Send them a support email. I'll send one in a day or two.

    [email protected]
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    When I try to do a full install of BG2 it gets to disk 3 and has an IO error. The part of the game that crashes is on disk 3. Hummmm? I tried to check it with DFA but DFA tells me it's not HFS. Which it is. Hummmm? I think somethings wrong with the disk.
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