Macbook internal speakers not working

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All of a sudden - my internal speakers are not being recognized in the system preferences and the only way I can get sound is if I plug my speakers into the headphone jack. The speaker jack doesn't work either....this all happened at once. The red light of DOOM is on in the headphone jack unless I plug my speakers into it.

I have a MacBook. It is only about 5 months old.

I am fairly computer literate but, can't figure out this one. Have done some searching online and can't seem to find much of a fix for this.

1) I want my computer to recognize its own internal speakers when I don't have anything plugged in.

2) Why is it that now I can only get sound if I plug the external speakers into the headphone jack which, consequently I have only used AS a headphone jack once several months ago.




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    santasanta Posts: 67member

    Don't know if this will help or not, but this is what a normal Sound Preferences panel looks like.

    Especially make sure 'Mute' is not ticked.

    Edit.. I've tried to post an image, but how the @#$%^&&* do you do it


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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Originally Posted by Santa View Post

    Edit.. I've tried to post an image, but how the @#$%^&&* do you do it


    You have to link to an external image on or or something like that.
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