Name all your Macs in chronological order!



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    For our family--my wife and I, five kids plus grandma (she's now 90 and an original iMac and now a mini are hers)...

    Apple II 1982?

    Mac Plus 1987

    Mac SE/30 1990

    Mac LC III 1993

    Performa 636 1994

    Quadra 610 1994

    Quadra --> PPC Upgrade 1995

    Power Computing PowerWave 604/132 1997

    Powerbook G3 (Original) 1998

    MessagePad 2100 1998 (just died a few months ago--wife used it every day...)

    Blue & White G3 1999

    iMac 266 (X2) 1999

    PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver) 2001

    PowerBook G4 2004

    iMac 20 in. 2004

    PowerMac G5 dual 2G 2005

    Mac mini 2005

    MacBook (Black) 2006

    5G iPod, 60G iPod video, two Nanos, one Shuffle...

    When the kids left home and found jobs, all switched to PCs. Now three are back with Apple and a fourth is shopping for a new MacBook.

    And our AppleTV is supposed to arrive by March 5...
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    Okay, I'm a newbie but here goes:

    Mac Mini G4 (Fall 2005)

    6 GB iPod Mini/Silver (Summer 2005)

    30 GB iPod Video/Black (Christmas 2005)

    12" iBook (Spring 2006)

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    A few Macs, over a quarter century... My wife's Macs aren't "mine" so they aren't listed, but her list is pretty comparable (except for the secondary machines which are shared).

    Main machines:

    1981-1985 Apple ][+ Stolen.

    1984-1985 128k Macintosh Stolen.
    (...a long technological gap...)
    1993-1995 PowerBook 180c "Paabu-chan" Died, gave guts to a friend.

    1995-1997 PowerBook 550c "Gogo-chan" Upgraded CPU to Power PC, gave away to a friend.

    1997- . . . . Power Mac 9600/300 "Sunadori" Donated to my wife's office, where it still (2007) runs ancient peripherals.

    1999-2003 Power Mac G4 "Bol'janon" Sold to a used computer dealer.

    2003-2006 iMac G4/800 17-Inch (Flat Panel) "Namegon" Gave to my wife, later sold.

    2005- . . . . Power Mac G5 dual 2.7GHz "Kurita-kun" Still in service.

    Secondary machines:

    2000- . . . . iBook SE (Graphite) "Satsuki" Still sitting on a shelf somewhere "just in case" we need OS 9...

    2002- . . . . iBook "White Doll" Gave to relatives in Tokyo so we can iChat. Still in service with them.

    2003- . . . . PowerBook G4 12" "Psyga" Still in service.

    Non-computer machines:

    1996- ???? Newton MessagePad 130 Bought used from a friend. (...but where did it go? Did I give it away?)

    1997-1997 Newton MessagePad 2000 Gave to a friend in the US.

    1997-1998 Newton MessagePad 2100 Sold to a friend in New Zealand.

    Hey, that's a lotta Apple stuff! Are we making Steve happy or what?

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    meelashmeelash Posts: 1,045member
    For me and family:

    1989: IIci--used for about 10 years and then gave away to a friend. If it had a CD drive we would probably have kept using it...

    1992 or there-about: second-hand SE, I think. we used that for a few years and then sold it again

    ....Too many years of winblows....

    2003: 12" PB G4-using it right now. Awesome machine, I really love it for the size and weight. Had all specs maxed when I purchased and since then upgraded to Dual-layer 8x DVD burner, etc. and 80 GB Harddrive. It's still going strong, although in the last year I've been starting to feel the processor under-power blues as some apps and stuff can't run on it, so prob. in a bit I'll get another one (maybe the "super-Mobile" that's coming soon) The size and form factor still get impressed comments even now...

    2005: Brother buys 17" G4 PB. He was the one that got us to switch to Win in the first place--major Mac victory...

    2006: Bought my mom a 17" C2Duo iMac (I use it a lot myself, too... ahem ). This is another home-run from Apple. The form factor and design are awesome, and the total silence of the computer is nothing short of completely amazing...

    Next: Trying to converty my dad's main computer over from a Dell--the Dell is still fairly new so it might be a few years yet, but w/ him getting hooked on the iMac, it shouldn't be too difficult
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    The recent long lists make this list look rather inadequate, but here goes:


    - Mac Classic II 16Mhz 680?0 (1993-1994) - sold

    - LC 630 + 14inch screen 40Mhz 68030 (1994-1996) - now with my grandmother

    [96-99 - Hiatus for clone - see below]

    - Blueberry iBook 300MHz G3 (1999?-2001) - now with my mother, but screen has gone completely red!

    - Titanium PowerBook 400MHz G4 (2001-2005) - got dropped and replaced on insurance by my wife's below

    - Aluminium PowerBook 15-inch 1.25GHz G4 (2004- ) - my main machine

    - Aluminium PowerBook 12-inch 1.5Ghz G4 (2005- ) - my wife's machine (but borrowed for trips away)


    - BBC Micro B 128k (1981- ) - my parents still have this but haven't turned it on in at least 12 years!

    Non-Apple Mac clone:

    - Umax Apus 2000 160Mhz PPC (1996-1999?) - was given to small company I am director of and cremated when office burnt down in Edinburgh Cowgate fire in 2003(?)

    Non-Mac Apple stuff:

    - Stylewriter II (1993-?) - gave to my mother before it died

    - Airport Base station (original flying saucer) - died

    - Airport Express x 2 - still use

    - Mouse (the clear and black one with single click) - still use
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    january - 2006 core duo iMac

    april - 2007 macbook with Leopard 8)
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    My alternate route to being a Mac User (and developer)

    Atari 1040ST (±1986)

    Original NeXT Cube (1990, dropped this one for the next item)

    NeXT Cube 33MHz with Dimension (1994, currently mothballed)

    Mac G4 QuickSIlver 867MHz (2001, dropped this one for the next item)

    Mac G4 Cube 500Mhz (2003, because it is 100% silent and the QS was more windtunnel-like)

    PowerBook G4 Alu (2004, I traded this one in for the next one)

    iBook G3 (the PowerBook has current leakage issues when connected to a nongrounded main)

    iBook G4 (2005, this was an Apple-provided replacement for the G3 which had technical troubles)

    MacBook Core Duo (2006, replacement for the iBook)

    Intel Mac (developer kit)

    Intel iMac (trade in for developer kit, I have given this one away to a family member who is now slowly migrating from Win to Mac)

    Current: Waiting for Leopard to mothball the Cube and start running my OS X Server on new Intel hardware.

    So, I've been using NEXTSTEP since 1990 until today ;-)

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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,081member
    My List is Short

    Macbook Core 2 Duo-2006

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    Macintosh - 1984 (I bought it last year though)

    Graphite iMac DV (400) - 1999

    intel iMac (20" Core Duo) - 2006

    that's it.

    ipods: 4G iPod 20GB with color display

    5G iPod with video 30GB black

    2G iPod Nano 2GB silver

    as far as non apple stuff goes a couple DOS machines in the early 90's, a compaq in the late 90's and an HP in the early 00's
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    To the best of my recollection ...
    • Macintosh IIci

    • 1992: Quadra 700

    • 1992: PowerBook 180

    • PowerBook Duo 2300c [only PowerPC Duo model]

    • PowerCenter Pro [Mac clone]

    • 2001: PowerBook G4/400

    • PowerMac G4/450

    • 2004: PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5

    • 2006: MacBook Pro 15" (Core Duo)

    • 2006: MacBook Pro 15" (Core 2 Duo)

    • 2007: Mac mini

    Also, I've had several PC's over the years, all Dell (ugh) ...
    • OptiPlex GXa [P2]

    • 2000: Dimension XPS T750r [750MHz P3]

    • 2003: OptiPlex GX270 [2.8GHz P4]

    And, going into the ancient past ...
    • 1969: DEC RK01 disk cartridge (1MB capacity, 14" platter, $100)

    • 1977/1978: DEC VT132 CRT terminal (24x80, 24x132)

    • Several flavors (USR, Global Village) of modems: 1200 baud, 9600 baud, 38.4Kbaud

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    Personally owned:

    MacPlus 1986


    PowerMacintosh 7100/66

    iMac DV Blueberry 1999

    iMac DVSE Graphite 2000

    iMac DV Grape

    iMac G4 with SuperDrive 2001

    iMac G5 20" 2005 - present

    A PC - NEVER
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    SE20 FDHD

    Performa 620

    Duo 280

    Duo 2300c

    Powermac 7500

    iBook SE 366 (Graphite)

    G4 Tower something or other

    Powerbook 100

    Powerbook 2400c

    TiBook 550

    iBook 500

    Powerbook 12" 867

    Powerbook 1.67 High Res

    Actually screwing on my 2300 and Powerbook 100 today, and listening to music on my 2400c
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    hi_qhi_q Posts: 31member
    Originally Posted by craiglearmont View Post

    Apple computers I’ve owned:

    Apple II – 1977 – Dad bought for the family

    Apple II+ - Upgraded

    Apple IIc – my brother’s machine

    Mac Plus – 1990 – first mac bought with my own money

    Mac IIx (upgraded to IIFX)

    Mac Portable

    Newton 110

    Powerbook 540C - Still have

    PowerMac 7100/80 - had two of them each with their own Pro Tools system

    upgraded one to NewerTech 300 Mhz

    PowerMac 9600/300

    iMac 266 Blueberry

    PowerMac G4 533 Digital Audio - sold to a student - I miss it.

    iPod 5Gb

    iBook SE 466 - Still have - first iBook with firewire

    PowerBook G4 800 DVI - had two of them in the studio - one for backup

    I'd still be using one if I hadn't destroyed the logic board with HD and DL DVD upgrade

    (I'm never trying that again myself..) Sold the second one to a student. It still works.

    iPod 20Gb 2nd Generation - sold to a friend. still works

    Newton 2100 - still have, still works

    eMac 700 (family machine) - still use

    PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 (current machine) - main studio workhorse

    30 Gb Black Video iPod (birthday gift to myself to replace old 20Gb model)

    4Gb Black iPod Nano (free with Air Miles!)

    4Gb Black iPod Nano (for my wife) - recently stolen or missing

    2Gb White iPod Nano (purchased for recording client’s performance tracks)

    Southern Gospel group uses for live performance - all their peers want one now

    512 Mb iPod Shuffle (purchased for studio assistant gift) - still in use

    Black MacBook (portable editing and recording) - typing this on this right now

    Intel iMac Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz (wife’s machine) - she's got the fastest machine. ;-)

    Okay. I think I'm done. See if you can top that.

    Craig Learmont

    MuzikHaus Records

    Well crap. I feel like a noob now. LOL Thanks Craig.

    Apple II Clone - Laser 128 (Spent countless hours playing Karateka, Frogger, and Lode Runner)

    Mac Classic

    Performa 6200CD

    iMac Tray Loading - Bondi Blue

    iMac Slot Loading - Blueberry

    iMac Slot Loading - Graphite

    iMac G5 17 inch

    iMac Intel 24 inch

    MacBook Pro 15 inch. Just added to my family, and yes I still have all of these machines except the Laser 128. I miss it.

    (I also have a PC set up above my Mac. It was a custom built machine, it was also free from a friend, but I just fire it up in the rare occasion when I need to heat up my room in the winter. )
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    wjhmhwjhmh Posts: 55member
    1987 Mac SE20 - Not sure if it still works but i still have it, I gave it to my mom years ago then it made its way out to the garage.

    2004 iMac blueberry G3 333MHz 160mb memory 6GB HD - Saved it from certain doom, A friend of mine tried to throw it in a dumpster because the CD Rom didn't work & it had no working keyboard.

    2005 ipod Nano 4GB Black- My early xmas gift to me & it still works like a champ.

    2006 MacBook Pro 17" 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo 120 GB HD _ My current machine but got it a week before the Core Duo 2 came out, the salesman didn't tell me about that. Anyway, I got sick of Wind D'Ohs! issues & with the launch of upcoming Vista I did want to take the risk.
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    If memory serves me correctlly:

    Apple IIe (had 20 at school)

    The ones I have bought or ordered for myself at my jobs:

    MacPlus (it was retired in 2005 RIP)

    LC 475

    Performa 5445

    Performa 6420

    iMac Special Edition

    Power Mac G3

    Power Mac G4 wind tunnel

    Power Mac G5

    Power Mac G5 dual 2.0 (current)

    PowerBook G3

    Power Book G4 (12")

    Power Book G4 (15") just retired

    Mac Book Pro 15" (NEW)

    At work:

    iMac (original flat panel)

    iMac G5 15"

    iMac G5 17"

    iMac Intel 17"

    iMac Intel 20" core 2 duo

    The wife:

    iBook (white G4)

    MacBook (current)

    iPod (1st gen)

    iPod click wheel

    iPod shuffle (1st)

    iPod video

    iPod nano (1st gen)

    iPod shuffle (new version)

    Craig still beat me, but I have obviously done my part to help make His Steveness a billionaire.
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    1995: PowerBook 160: Ran Word 5.1, one of the best versions, ever.

    1997: PowerBook 3400c: 200 MHz, 33.3 modem, and thousands of colors!

    1999: Lombard, 333 MHz: Possibly my favorite laptop.

    2001: Titanium, 400 MHz: Not much of jump up, IMO, but nice screen.

    2004: PB 12", 1.33 GHz, very nice improvement over the Ti, solid feeling.

    2006: MacBook 2.0 GHz, One of Apple's best?
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 838member
    1985 Apple IIe

    1990 Mac SE/30

    1991 Mac IIx

    1992 Powerbook 1400

    1993 Mac 840av

    1999 Mac Beige G3/300 upgraded to G4/533

    2003 Powerbook G3/500 (pismo)

    2003 iPod 5 GB

    2003 Powerbook G3/500 (pismo) (2nd one)

    2004 Titanium Powerbook G4 1 gHz

    2004 iPod 15 GB

    2004 Intel 2 gHz P4 (win xp)

    2004 PowerMac G4/450 Dual

    2004 PowerMac G4/450 Dual

    2005 Mac 840av (2nd one)

    2005 Mac 840av (3rd one)

    2005 Powerbook 520

    2005 Powerbook 520c

    2006 iPod 60GB (5th Gen)

    2006 PowerMac G4/533 Dual

    2007 PowerMac G4/533 Dual (2nd one)

    the dates were when purchased...
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 838member

    1994? Newton (1st Gen)

    1994 LC II

    1999 iMac/333

    1999 Powerbook Duo 230c
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    1984-85 mac plus--this worked perfect never fixed, did all my quicken stuff and drawing first internet experience got it from school with the apple printer

    g3 400 slot load strawberry--year 2001 or 2002 replaced my macplus still upstairs working 10.4.10

    dell inspiron 8100 2002 only for work

    ibook g4 2004--my wifes first mac and first experience with itunes kids use it now

    macbook (2) 2006 matched set for me and my wife

    i MAY buy a replacement for the g3

    i have never been without my macs, in 2006 december became windows free
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    Commodore 64 (1983) & Amiga 500 (1986)

    PowerBook 180: 33 MHz 68030 processor, 4 MB of RAM, and 120 MB hard drive. (1994)

    Quadra 630: 33 MHz 68040 processor, 8 MB of RAM, and a 250 MB hard drive. (1994)

    Power Macintosh 6500:275 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 64 MB and a 6.0 GB hard drive. (1997)

    iBook G3/466 Special Edition: 466 MHz PowerPC 750cx (G3) 192 MB of RAM, a 10.0 GB hard drive. (2000)

    iMac G4/1.0 17-Inch:1.0 GHz PowerPC 7445 (G4) 512 MB of RAM and a 80.0 GB hard drive. (2003)

    iBook G4/1.2 14-Inch:1.2 GHz PowerPC 7447a (G4) 768 MB of RAM and a 60 GB hard drive.(2004)

    .... I thinks it time for a new MAC
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