Problems after OS reinstall

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long story short, i tried to install os 10.4 to upgrade from 10.3.9. the install got about half way done and then gave an error. after a few more unsuccessful tries i couldnt even get back on my hard drive, so i had to reinstall panther from the cd.

im back up and runnin with 10.3.9 but have a few problems:

-lost my desktop

-apps wont launch

-lost my system prefs includin my m-audio pref

-when i try to launch the app for my m-audio revolution 7.1 it says the PCI card couldnt be found

-fonts are completely messed up

-itunes library is blank now

-camino bookmarks gone

-cant launch system profiler

-sleep issues...keeps loggin me off AIM when the computer sleeps

i did an archive and install. is there any way i can get it back to the original? everything is still on my hard drive you just have to search all over for stuff and some apps dont wanna load now.


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    A clean install will work much better and many less hassles. I suggest backing up all your data and erase and install 10.4 and run all updates and all will be much better.
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    im not gonna erase my hard drive

    i successfully installed 10.4 and have it runnin

    same problems with the fonts, lost bookmarks and keychains in camino, lost dock, transparent dock is gone, desktop disappeared, etc

    the biggest problem is my m-audio revolution 7.1 card has stopped working. before when i reinstalled 10.3.9 it gave me an error sayin it couldnt find the pci device. well now that im on tiger it doesnt have that issue and its listed in my pci cards. i reinstalled the latest drivers (1.4.0) and launched the application. i then went to the system prefs and sound and selected the output device as revolution analog. whats the deal? i need my sound!!!!

    also eyetv 2.3.2 crashed on me when i was tryin to scan for channels
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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    eyetv 2.3.3 update is available and hopefully will fix that issue for you. Check with m-audio there maybe new drivers and app update there if not will be soon no doubt.
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    tigerwoods99tigerwoods99 Posts: 2,633member
    i updated to 10.4.9 and eyetv works fine now

    still cant get any sound though. ive already got the latest drivers from m-audio, and in sound prefs the output is set for the card.
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    tigerwoods99tigerwoods99 Posts: 2,633member
    this is stupid.....

    got the latest drivers from m-audio, sound prefs revolution analog is sected as the output, the card shows in system profiler pci cards, and when i open up the m-audio revolution app from prefs it shows the sound movin up and down

    everything worked fine before i had to reinstall os x, and it doesnt seem to be tiger related because when i reverted back to panther it didnt work either.

    oh yea i also cant restart or shutdown now......i have to press the button on my quicksilver to manually do it.

    here's what m-audio says about the driver:

    Revolution 7.1

    Version: 1.4.1

    Release Date: May 20, 2005

    Applies to:

    Revolution 7.1

    Operating System(s):

    Mac OS 10.4.0, Mac OS 10.4.1, Mac OS 10.4.3, Mac OS 10.4.5, Mac OS 10.4.4, Mac OS 10.4.6

    Release Notes:


    ● [Driver] The "stereo-only" Analog 1/2 engine has been removed and the functionality replaced with an added "stereo-only" format on the primary Analog engine, thus improving system stability.

    ● [Driver] Addressed kernel panic issues.

    ● [Device Helper] Fixed issue where Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) would not shutdown or restart.

    ● [Panel] Additional speaker sets in Control Panel.

    Note Added Dec 9, 2005: This driver has been qualified for use with OS X 10.4.3

    Note Added Jan 30, 2006: This driver has been qualified for use with OS X 10.4.4

    Note Added Mar 21, 2006: This driver has been qualified for use with OS X 10.4.5

    Note Added Apr 19, 2006: This driver has been qualified for use with OS X 10.4.6
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    Have you tried repairing your permissions?

    Most of your issues seam to be permission related.
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    tigerwoods99tigerwoods99 Posts: 2,633member
    well i got it to work ....reverting back to an older driver version

    and i did do permissions repairs several times, i always do that. m-audio just sucks. i wish they would offer better suppor....there hasnt been an updated driver for my card posted in like 2 yrs. not only that but some of the features are disabled, i guess that mac os wont support them though.

    anyways, id still like to get the font issue worked out. anyone got any tips?
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