need convert avi to rmvb [freeware]

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anybody know a free software to convert avi to rmvb?


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    Hello, first your AVI movie needs to be playable in QuickTime Player, thanks to the appropriate codec, if available.

    If this step is OK, then you need the free Real Export Plug-in for Mac. QuickTime Pro is not free but you can try to export with iMovie (in the File menu: Share/QuickTime/Expert Settings/Movie to RealMedia).
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    imon4imon4 Posts: 22member
    but...Real Export Plug-in for Mac OS X

    Compatible with 10.2 and 10.3. Not compatible with 10.4 Tiger.

    im using 10.4.9 is there other way?

    i want to convert avi because avi is too big...
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    Yes, not compatible with Tiger, I didn't saw that sorrry.

    But AVI is just a container you know, so the video in an AVI file can be compressed in various codecs (like with the MOV container), each with variable compression (quality). Which codec is used in your AVI movie? What is its bitrate (in kbits/s)? Play the movie in QuickTime Player and hit Apple-I to display information.

    If the codec is efficient, say DivX or XVID like many AVI files, you won't get a smaller file if you export the movie in RMVB... There th only solution would be to decrease its pixels size (definition). And why RMVB? This is not a leading codec anymore, you can try to export your movie with QuickTime Pro in another codec and/or container : the codec "H.264" in a .mov or .mp4 container offers very good quality and the smallest foot print.
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    imon4imon4 Posts: 22member
    yeah guess rmvb is not popular...its just cuz rmvb is small 78mb rmvb = 170mb avi...

    so i would prever rmvb, but its not so popular on mac anyway...

    btw i find an awesome software converter


    it s called : ffmpegX

    its a Mac OS X GUI to ffmpeg the "hyper fast video and audio encoder" ( This GUI provides quick encoding to DivX, XviD, AVC/h.264, VCD, SVCD, CVD, DVD, 3GP, DV, MP4, MP4 for iPod, MP4 H264 for Sony PSP, FLV, MOV, mp2, mp3, AAC & AC3. MPEG-2 encoding relies on mpeg2enc component from the mjpegtools package

    and its FREE ^^

    try to convert avi to mp4 with x264 h264 format, u can commpress 300mb avi into 90mb mp4 and the quality is still great

    i dont know if there are other ormat which is better...if u already DL it please tell me is there any format better than x264 h264 mp4?
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