Kurt Vonnegut has passed RIP

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One of the greatist writers of the 20th century has died at the age of 84. My generation in particular was influenced by his humour and anti war views. Even though you were an atheist " God bless you " Mr. Vonnegut for giving us so many ideas that would not have come otherwise.

There's a nice piece here about him on AICN : http://www.aintitcool.com/node/32255


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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,464member
    Hey was a unique writer and I very much enjoyed his books and stories. He will be missed.

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    brbr Posts: 8,395member
    So it goes.
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    jimmacjimmac Posts: 11,898member

    Only 2 replies?

    Doesn't this crowd read?
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