vista and tiger wirless. almost there HELP!!!

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ok i found help to get this working. they showed me a way to access my mac from my pc but when i go to access my pc from mac it wont work.

ok i dont understand this...

To mount a Windows share on your Mac, click on your desktop so that Finder

is the active application, from the Finder menu go to "Go > Connect to

Server". In the "Server Address" field enter

"smb://", replacing the IP address with the IP

address of your PC, and "mac" with the name of the Windows share you created


ok i dont remeber having a "mac" thing anywhere and what do i call it i got the windows one working and put the shared on my vista desktop its called ernietaylor(ERNIE-TAYLORS-C)

on my mac do i go smb:/myip/now what do i put here!!!!!

i have tried going smb:/myip/vista and it says password incorrect

i go smb://myip/JOHN the same or other times with differnt names i get -36 error


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    You have to set up the sharing on the Windows side first. When you do so, you will give it a name. That is the name you put in:

    smb://<ip-address>/<Windows share name>
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