iPod connecting to Windows and Mac?

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Hi, I have just bought my first iPod - 4GB.

Had hoped that it would be possible to connect it to both iTunes on my PackardBell-laptop AND also the MacBookPro. But neither will accept the other system installed on the iPod. So my third Rebuilding ended with the Mac system.

Anybody knows if one can use it on both systems



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    dutch peardutch pear Posts: 588member
    You should be able to do that. It has to be formatted for windows. Connect to your pc and restore the ipod. It should then work on both mac and pc. Works fine for my old mini ipod.
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    I was actually having that issue as well... I think what you do is that you set your iPod, like dutch pear said, in the Windows-mode. Then turn on the "disk-mode" feature. Then you can drag-n-drop the music from your computers onto your iPod.

    Oh, and if you Mac asks you to format the iPod, say no. If that doesn't work, there's a page on C|Net that shows how, but I don't know what it is.
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    lfe2211lfe2211 Posts: 507member
    I have a 4 gig nano which was first set up on a Sony running XP and iTunes 6. Subsequently, I connected it to my Mac(s) and have never had a single problem using it on any machine.
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    yosemityosemit Posts: 2member
    Hi again,

    The sugestions you you gave were very useful and my iPod now works fine on both Windows and MacBookPro, thanks to you

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